Our own Emily A. Hay recently went live with LittleGuide Detroit on Facebook to discuss how moms can pivot to be able to work from home and run their own social media marketing business.

LittleGuide Detroit is a parenting resource for kid-friendly activities throughout metro Detroit and reaches moms, just like our INsiders Training Program.

Check out Emily’s interview at the 11:55 minute mark and be sure to check out these highlights:

11:55: How work/life balance is BROKEN and sets us moms up to fail. Hay There Social Media’s Work+Life Integration is proven to work for moms of all backgrounds.

14:25: What Work+Life Integration looks like and how it can help moms lead a flexible life and be their own boss in social media marketing. 

15:25: How LittleGuide founder Kerry Doman connected Emily to her husband’s realtor business and got Kirby, a Hay There Social Media INsiders Training program grad, working for him.

18:30: How our full training program has taught women how to do what we have done since 2010

21:30 What types of women we are looking to train and the criteria needed to become a social media manager

24:30: An overview of the topics women who train with us will learn about during the 6-week program and how they can be set-up for success for running their own social media business

26:30: Information about our upcoming October cohort

Ready for change? Our Hay There Social Media INsiders Training is ready to give you the Work+Life Integration YOU deserve.

Enroll in our October cohort today…and be on your way to living on YOUR terms.

Lauren Weber

Editor at Social Media Manager Training Courses
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