At Hay There Social Media, we are moving forward in a new way. We are changing the world by empowering women to run their own social media businesses.

Ok, so what does that mean?

Simply put, we train you to run your own social media freelance business using the same methods we’ve used for almost a decade.

From Founder Emily A. Hay:

I moved off the corporate America hamster wheel with an intention to build a business that would allow me to work flexibly and live intentionally as I started a family. Social media marketing was my vehicle. Along the way, I’ve built a team of women who walk the walk everyday and now we are here to help you do the same.

What does it mean to run my own social media business?

As a freelancer, you have the flexibility and freedom to manage as many clients wherever and whenever you want. One client or a dozen, you decide what works for your professional goals and lifestyle. Thanks to the gig economy, many people are already working as an independent contractor in finance, marketing or project management. By expanding your social media marketing skills, you’ll be a specialized expert and that’s pretty attractive to businesses large and small.

Why social media?

So many women are talented and experienced social media users already. Whether you are a blogger, an influencer or simply a passionate personal user, you have in-demand skills that can be put to use managing social media for businesses — allowing you to earn on your terms.

How do I begin?

You apply. We review your application and schedule a call. Assuming it’s a fit, we will set you up in our next training session.

How much does it cost?

The tuition is $3,000. Payment plans are available. After that, there is an optional monthly membership program for a fee of $99/month.

What do I get for my tuition?

The tuition covers all of your initial training and access to our team.
Training sessions are held with a combo of online tools including Zoom calls with our team and other trainees. Initial training takes approximately 5 weeks (10 modules). Throughout your training, you will learn the steps to run your social media marketing business from defining the services you want to offer, learning how to deliver them, how to manage your clients and how to find and close more business.

You will also receive our marketing materials including: Proposal templates, prospecting documents and ongoing support. This is not a “train and release” program or an eCourse. By investing in yourself, you will learn lifelong skills that will directly impact your ability to earn on your own terms.

What do I get for my monthly membership fee?

The monthly membership fee grants you ongoing access to professional development content to keep your skills sharp as well as our up-to-the-minute marketing materials to make running your business smooth and easy.

You’ll also get a profile spot on our website so potential clients can find you and increase your online visibility.

Freelance life can be lonely! But not at Hay There Social Media. Your monthly fee gives you connection with your “virtual colleagues” using online tools.

In addition, as a member you will have access to vetted and trusted partners (i.e. graphic designers, web developers and more).

Is this network or multilevel marketing?

No. You are not responsible for recruiting new community members and you are not required to purchase any inventory or sell anything.

Are there contracts?

Yes, there are 2.
1) A contract you will be asked to sign is an “NDA” (a nondisclosure agreement) keeping our business practices and methods confidential.
2) An independent contractor agreement. This allows you or us to terminate our relationship should circumstances change no longer making it a fit.

Am I allowed to use the Hay There Social Media brand as part of my business?

Similar to a realtor being under a brokerage, you will be considered a “Hay There Social Media Professional” after you fully complete our training. As a Hay There Social Media Professional, you can deliver services using that title or you can do business using a name you choose.

Are there guarantees this will work for me?

In life, there are no guarantees. But we feel pretty darn confident with what we’ve developed so we DO offer a money-back guarantee that is based on ability to prove you did the work we’ve asked of you.