Emily and Hay There INsiders recently had the opportunity to have a conversation with Jennifer Swartley, Career Coach and FAIR PLAY Facilitator who coaches women and couples. Jennifer is a passionate professional that helps women design life on their own terms, step into their power and find a harmonious balance between work, personal and family life.

Jennifer and Emily’s Instagram Live conversation focused on the intersection of Work Life Integration Nation and Emily’s work on the FAIR PLAY documentary.

Tune in here to listen to the highlights from the interview, including:

  • How Emily got connected with Eve Rodsky through the FAIR PLAY book
  • How the FAIR PLAY system helped her household and how Emily initiated “The Invitation” to open communication with her husband
  • What FAIR PLAY has done to help the team at Hay There Social Media thrive
  • The journey of combining home life systems that work, all the while gaining professional fulfillment
  • How FAIR PLAY helps women to stop playing small
Watch the interview here:

Additionally, the Hay There team was thrilled to have Jennifer as a guest speaker for our INsiders on how to ditch burnout and thrive.

When women complete our proven 6-week INsiders training and they learn a social media manager skillset, they have the opportunity to keep their skills sharp through monthly professional development sessions.

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