If your mind randomly wanders down unchosen paths that still peak your interest, then you should definitely check out the podcast “Quit Your Day Job” hosted by the ever curious, Alisha Fernandez Miranda.

Part of the Zibby Audio collection, Alisha’s  award-winning podcast is “for people still dreaming about their dream jobs.” She talks with people pursuing the kinds of careers you may have on your vision board – TV director, philanthropist, spy, travel agent, and “Social Media Mavens” (wink wink) – to find out what it’s really like behind the scenes.

Recently, you may have seen Alisha on Good Morning America as part of her international tour promoting her new book, My What If Year, which chronicles Alisha’s journey of realizing her professional fantasies by diving into a colorful variety of unpaid internships over the course of a year.

Hay There Founder, Emily A. Hay and its COO, Ali Spitzer, were thrilled to join Alisha for an episode exploring the niche world of social media marketing for businesses. As Alisha wrote it in her podcast introduction, “Emily A. Hay and Ali Spitzer think there’s a different way for women to approach work. They’re the dynamic duo behind Hay There Social Media, a company that upskills women with a training program designed to make them expert social media managers. Join Alisha, Emily, and Ali as they talk about what’s fair at home and work, which Miami is better, and why “just go freelance” is terrible advice.”

In the episode, Emily and Ali propose a new option for women juggling the demands of their various roles by integrating work and life through their one-of-a-kind Independent Hay There Social Media Manager course. The journey that just begins with their 6 week, 14 module program that provides women not only with a new, versatile and in demand skill set, but also incorporates the Fair Play method for managing domestic duties equitably with a personal operating system, which positions women to achieve their professional goals.

Emily, Ali and Alisha first met at Alt Summit in NYC in the Fall of 2022. In the spirit of elevation and collaboration, they found immediate synergies they wanted to share with the world. There is plenty of discussion around exploring different careers and libraries of fantastic interviews with alluring illustrations of glamorous, fascinating and exciting masters of different skills.

At the end of these interviews, albeit entertaining, it is rare to find ways that you too, could follow a different path with a specific and proven roadmap. Emily and Ali discussed the challenges they addressed in their November 2022 Fast Company article— that while on paper freelance is growing at historic levels, it also seems like it would be a great option for women looking for flexibility and professional fulfillment. Emily and Ali caution anyone taking the leap to freelance alone, and at face value, likening it to summiting Mt. Everest without oxygen.

This analogy assumes that you have in fact made the life changing decision to climb the mountain, or in Hay There’s case, invest in yourself in the first place. Alisha, Emily and Ali address the deeply ingrained notion that women should never put themselves first. To the point where it can feel unnatural to invest time and money in yourself. Taking a step back and looking at the landscape of professional opportunities and needs of businesses- women can proceed with certainty that choosing Social Media Marketing as a career path is a safe bet, and one that can be transferred and applied to a variety of new ventures: from filling a career gap, to upskilling, to starting a freelance career.

The odds of achieving your goals to master Social Media for the purpose of helping organizations large and small increase dramatically with proper training, mentoring and community to lean on throughout your transition to social media management. Emily and Ali explain to Alisha that before Hay There, finding a trustworthy blueprint coupled with community support was an aggressive exercise in independent research. There is no such thing as a “freelance internship”, Emily joked that if there was, Alisha would surely have found it by now.

Alisha was very curious about how two women from very different professional backgrounds make it work. EMily and Ali responded effortlessly that their journeys have led them to the same conclusion- one that drives them as a collective to provide women with a clear path on their “what’s next” journey. Social media marketing just happens to be the vehicle.

We hope the episode opens the minds and hearts of anyone looking for “more.” As a side note, the host and guests never formally identified which Miami is better- we will let you decide. If you haven’t checked out Alisha’s podcast, be sure to!  And if you are looking for a proven path to work life integration, we’d love for you to learn about Hay There’s Core Training, for any mom.  Anytime.  Anywhere.

Emily A. Hay

Founder & Instructor at Social Media Manager Training Courses
Creator of flexible work opportunities for moms since 2009 | Shared our journey in FAIR PLAY Documentary by Reese’s Hello Sunshine based off Eve Rodsky’s book 🎥 | Work+Life Integrator 👩‍💻 👧 👧

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