Hay There INsider and social media professional, Kimberly Hermann recently had the opportunity to be featured on her own client’s podcast, This Organized Life with Laurie Palau. During the interview, she highlights how being an Enneagram 8 has helped shape the person she is.

Kimberly started her journey into owning her own business — Raising Social — after taking our proven 6-week INsiders training, where women learn how to become a social media manager.  Prior to finding us, she was a stay at home mom craving more. Now, not only is This Organized Life a client of hers, but she is also their podcast producer.

While Kimberly has clients in a variety of industries, she has developed a specialized knowledge in the podcast space managing the social media presence for other industry leading podcasts.  Kimberly also has gained expertise in Adobe, WordPress and email marketing on her own initiative.   She led a professional development session for her fellow Hay There INsiders about Adobe for social media managers and delivered a live social media workshop in Austin at her client’s conference.  We are so proud of Kimberly for taking the skills she has learned the past few years and turning it into a flexible business the works for her.

Watch her podcast interview in its entirety below.

If you aren’t familiar with the Enneagram, check out this post from our archives.

During the podcast, Kimberly talks openly about growing up with a mom who is a hoarder and how she has been a “take charge” person for as long as she can remember.  Additionally, Kimberly and Laurie discuss the strong intuition of Enneagram eights and how emotional clutter really isn’t a thing for them. Kimberly also shares some specific strategies that have helped her to live a less cluttered life.

Way to go, Kimberly!  If you are interested in hiring Kimberly Hermann to be your independent social media manager, contact her today.

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