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Recommendations From Our Customers

Laura Z.

Louisville, CO
Independent Hay There Social Media Manager
"Having the tools and the training and the support from the Hay There Social Media team is unique and I would highly recommend it and I would consider it as a program for anyone wanting to jumpstart their career."

Kimberly H.

Bethel, CT
Independent Hay There Social Media Manager
"The other best thing is that I get to work for myself but not by myself as Emily and her team are always there for support."

Nikkie H.

Wimberley, TX
"Emily and her team are awesome and they walk you through step by step everything from start to leaning your first client with helping invoice, proposals, onboarding information, all of that. I was amazed at what I've learned and think it's such a great option having this flexibility to add on to the platform I am already creating."

Ally V.

Salt Lake County, UT
"It's been so awesome because I love being a mom but I also want to have my own thing."

Amanda V.

West University, TX
“The course is incredible! I can’t say enough good things. It’s so organized; it’s so detailed. It’s an incredible program for moms and anyone who is looking for some flexible work. I’m thrilled."

Marvelle Armstrong
Tampa, FL

"Emily and her team at Hay There Social Media are amazing! The course offered is comprehensive and it gave me the tools and confidence to work for myself. Work-life integration is possible! Thank you, Emily and Team."

Leyla Bolho-Garlatti
Brooklyn, NY

"The training not only taught me the skills I needed to update my resume but it allowed me the ability to get my own clients for my new social media business while juggling my PR freelancing gig."

Kelli Robinson
Detroit, MI

"The Hay There INsiders training has been a really supportive learning experience for me. I’m finding new opportunities and avenues for income streams. The training really sparked an interest in me. My new income allows me financial flexibility to do some of the bigger things I want to do with my children."

SonSeri Kennedy
Bedford, NH

"You're amazing, Emily, and all that you do for women is invaluable! I am very thankful that I took the leap with Hay There Social Media for the training and support through their INsiders community. It led me to eventually starting my own successful business. This established my credibility after a career gap, and it led to me being extremely confident in all that I do as I transitioned into the next phase of my professional life. I couldn’t be happier with the program and what it did for me. 💕"

Ellie A.
Chicago, IL

"Emily's INsiders Social Media Management course gives me the knowledge and confidence to pursue a career in social media management. This course is legit packed with information and easy to follow. And I now have a whole new level of love for social media managers. Whoa. Thank you so much, Emily! It has been a pleasure."

Kaylen M.
Houston, TX

"I've done the actual training myself and was WOWED with how thorough (and fun) Emily and the @haytheresocialmedia team was."

Precious B.
Fairfax, VA

"I am so excited for a new beginning! I am beyond grateful for a loving husband, supportive friends and family, and a new team of colleagues who've all got my back!"

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Tuition is $2,997 $2,747
Get $250 off with promocode FLEXIBLEWORK
3 months support included w/ tuition ($297 value)

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Recommendations From Our Collaborators
Hay There is proud to provide our customers with access many like minded organizations and thought leaders that support our mission to provide a viable solution for women to achieve professional fulfillment, financial independence and flexibility.

Laura Danger

That Darn Chat
Certified Fair Play Facilitator
"I'd encourage you to check out what the training courses are all about and what Hay There offers. Adding in the Fair Play workshop I think is really essential because knowing how to communicate about fair play and domestic equity and mental load is really essential to whatever path you take."
"Through our strength as a national community, we are collaborating with Hay There Social Media to share their inside knowledge and systems in this complex and growing industry of social media marketing with our Site Curators through their Core Training and Community."
—The Local Moms Network Leadership Team
"From our conversations with thousands of Rosies, we know that it is critical to present the right types of resources to be the strongest freelance professionals possible. Our Rosies are the reason we do everything we do. We are continuing our mission to put Rosies first as we present them with practical ways to impact their bottom lines. We look forward to this collaboration with Hay There."
—We Are Rosie Partnership Team

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Independent Hay There Social Media Managers

Every day, organizations large and small find peace of mind in hiring Independent Hay There Social Media Managers to develop and implement their unique social media strategy. For more information on how Hay There can help you with this critical element of your marketing plan, visit our "Find a Social Media Manager" page.

"We love the work that Hay There Social Media is doing to empower moms to be their own bosses!" —Tracey & Shay

Listen to stories from women who worked for Hay There Social Media since its infancy to hear their personal experiences as work from home moms.

Become an Independent Hay There Social Media Social Media Manager

Tuition is $2,997 $2,747
Get $250 off with promocode FLEXIBLEWORK
3 months support included w/ tuition ($297 value)

Pay over 3 months with

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