Kelli Robinson – married mama to four kids – had been doing the work-from-home thing for 12 years when she saw something that sparked a light in her…and then she wanted to try things a different way. A way to be her own boss, successfully, but even more than that: A way to have Work+Life Integration.

Enter Hay There Social Media.

Kelli had known Hay There Social Media founder Emily A. Hay for a while through other connections, and one day she scrolled and saw Emily posted something that made her stop and think.

“She got on social media one day and started talking about life, about really changing the way we look at work and how we work and where we work,” Kelli said. “It really resonated for me.”

So Kelli talked to Emily, learned about the Hay There Social Media INsiders Training, (the program for women looking for the skills, the systems and the support that will allow them to start and run their own successful social media marketing business) and enrolled.

“For me, personally, I think she spoke to the fact that it wasn’t like you have to be this influencer or expert,” Kelli said. “It was like if you’re interested in connecting with people or sharing the things you love, promoting businesses, if you’re visual or a good writer or curious about what’s out in the world, this could be good for you.”

In the live, six-week online course, Kelli absorbed tools she learned to be able to put them to use for herself, to propel her professional career forward.

“It allows me to learn a new skill or ones I have already been using, but I can use them in other facets,” Kelli said. “I’m finding new avenues for income streams, and for opportunities. It really sparked an interest in me.”

Kelli did what us moms always do, by nature: Try to find ways that make life easier, to make it better, and to keep on striving for more…and to work smarter, not harder.

“I’ve been doing this for my own business for so long, but if I can get training on how to properly do this for other businesses, I can do it for my own and also do it to gain skills for other clients and new businesses,” Kelli said.

The Proof is in the $ Pudding $

Within two weeks after graduating from the Hay There Social Media INsiders Training, Kelli closed her first new client, using what she learned – and the continued support from those in the program.

“One of the cool perks of being a graduate of the Hay There Social Media INsiders Training is getting connections to leads,” Kelli said. “There was a request put out from real estate company – because of accolades from other Hay There grads (INsiders) working on other real estate accounts – and they came looking for us. I wouldn’t have had that otherwise.”

But even beyond getting a lead on a potential client, Kelli had the community support and training program tools to guide her through the process of landing the client.

“I was able to use the templates to write my proposal, and I was able to have a fellow colleague and I bounce ideas off one another,” Kelli said. “She was more experienced, so she was able to help me narrow down my scope of my proposal – and with Emily’s support, too.”

From there, Kelli found new ways to open up those income streams – but by still being her own boss and calling her own shots – and with a team around her.

“I also have a second client now, that I’m working on in a partnership,” Kelli said. “I’m subcontracting. I’m the social media manager, but a fellow colleague is doing more of the metrics on this particular client. That’s been a really supportive learning experience for me, that I can focus on the content and community management, while also learning.”

That’s right – because there’s more than one way to be your own boss in social media marketing…like subcontracting.

Creating Work+Life Integration

By having a new support team to work with, and learning tools from the Hay There Social Media INsiders Training, Kelli found she could better fit work around her life – and enjoy spending more time with her family.

“Being able to find out what my clients’ needs are and what’s going to help support and grow their business – and learn the best ways to work more efficiently – has allowed me to still be able to travel extensively with my family this summer,” Kelli said.

That means heading Up North in Michigan to make memories…oh, and traveling to Iceland for a special mother-son trip, too, thanks to the work she’s gotten!

“My new income allows me financial flexibility to do some of the bigger things I want to do with my children,” Kelli said.

Absolutely. It’s all part of the Work + Life Integration Nation™.

Our Soul Purpose

THAT’S what the Hay There Social Media INsiders Training is about. Empowering moms to live the life YOU want – working AND parenting (and being YOU). To make your soul feel good. To achieve the professional and financial goals you have for yourself – but, more importantly, to allow you to live the MOM goals you’ve set for yourself. And that’s what the women who’ve been through the program say.

Ready to change your life? Learn about the program and enroll today in the upcoming cohort …and start living life on YOUR terms, Mama.

It’s your turn.

Deanna Rose

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