What we can learn from Cinco de Mayo as Social Media Managers

On Cinco de Mayo, we can celebrate more than delicious margaritas and booming mariachis.  We uncover the profound lessons it holds for us as social media managers.

Bigger than just a fiesta; Cinco de Mayo honors a battle in which underdog Mexican forces defeated the French with a winning combo of confidence and competence. Believe it or not, we can apply to the world of managing client relationships from proposing to keeping clients.

Every day, the Hay There Team helps social media managers find that careful balance to grow competence and confidence simultaneously through curriculum and community in order to reach their goals. And women are winning big and small, every day!


But while exuding confidence is the initial spark that grabs a client’s attention, it’s your social media acumen, or competence that compels clients to make the commitment.

Now more than ever, Clients want to SEE your credibility via formal skill certification, and portfolio work.

Confidence in Numbers

In many ways Freelancers and/or Social Media Managers are overwhelmingly competent, but can lose confidence in proposing services to new businesses because they feel isolated, or like an underdog in a variety of scenarios.

We know because we have lived this experience, and we are here to tell you Social Media Marketing has never been a better career path.

Professionals are joining forces in our community not only to ask and give peers feedback, but to fight for a future of work on our terms, coming together for the win! All while delivering best in class client services to their clients.

How Hay There Helps You Enhance Your Confidence by Formalizing Your Competency 

Crafting compelling proposals isn’t just about flair; it’s about backing it up with solid know-how to build a thorough and thoughtful plan. We dedicate an entire module in our signature live and interactive Core Training Certification to this critical step in social media managers growth journey.

When you team up with Hay There, you will learn proven ways on how to author a proposal using our templates, and best practices to close new clients. We also dive in live with you to share over a decade of experience with managing client relationships to ensure you are renewing current contracts and know best practices for smooth communication.

Upon completing our program, you gain a new certification to share with the world in an in-demand field. Our training is just the beginning of your relationship with Hay There, because building competence and confidence is an ever-moving target.

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