The COVID pandemic has shifted priorities for working mothers, and as time has gone by, more and more moms have had to rethink their happiness and decide if they really WANT to go back to normal.

Because who wants “normal” if it means going back to the chaos of our pre-pandemic lives?

Our own Emily A. Hay and Kelli Robinson recently spoke with Sandra Ali of WDIV Local 4 NBC Detroit about how they have applied work + life integration in their homes.

Kelli shared tips that have worked for her during her pandemic shift, saying “I have been able to integrate my work and my life together by really just setting up a schedule for our family. I find a time that I’m focused, totally focused on my work, and then we have other fun things we do.”

During the segment, Emily discusses how the work-life balance model is broken and moms don’t want to go back to normal if “normal” means doing it all…again.

She says, “I feel that work-life balance was a struggle before the pandemic. Because, again, it made women in particular feel they had to completely own their work, and completely own their role as a mom, and if they failed at either one on a given day, they had made the wrong choice.”

Emily also tells moms to shift their thinking and be more selective about what they commit to both at work and home.

How We Can Help YOU achieve Work + Life Integration

Work + life integration is what our team seeks to achieve. It means to be intentionally living every moment, integrating every one of your responsibilities and choices into your life — with synergy. It’s a way to design your day – your LIFE – to allow you to be present and fulfilled; NOT overwhelmed and lacking focus both professionally and personally.

Work + life integration puts the ownership on the woman to manage and achieve on her own, and our team is ready to help show you how to do just that by becoming your own boss and a social media manager. Learn more here.

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