We’re proud to share this life-changing opportunity for you, Mama! Welcome to the Hay There Social Media INsiders Training Program.

Hay There Social Media is the premier training company for women looking for the skills, the systems and the personalized support that will allow them to start and run their own successful social media marketing business.

More than ever, it’s evident that working FLEXIBLY is key when you’re a busy mom. To be able to fit work around parenting, helping kids with school, and having a lifestyle that is intentional and fulfilling —NOT the other way around.

Are you looking for a better way to satisfy your ambitions, use your amazing skills outside the home, and embrace the mom life you want? Do you want to own your day, by working on YOUR terms?

Now’s the perfect time to start your own social media marketing business, just like these amazing women did!

We’re proud to have women from around the country taking the initiative to empower themselves by joining one of our Training Cohorts.

Through the Hay There Social Media INsiders Training program, we teach you how to find and land prospective clients, write engaging social media content, and sustain your own social media marketing business.

The schedule

The 6-week, 12-session live Zoom training program works because it uses a tested business model Hay There Social Media has grown with since 2010. We teach you a complete, proven system we use everyday and we set you up for success with a supportive community after.

The modules

This list outlines the topics for each of the 12 Zoom sessions. We provide a detailed syllabus with the concepts we cover as well as access to an online platform with all the supporting materials you’ll need.

Session 1 & 2

Setting Yourself Up for Success and Client On-Boarding

From relationship management to operational procedures, we cover critical initial practices for you to perform as a business owner. This is where we teach how to bring clients on-board for fulfillment so you are both ready to succeed.

Session 3 & 4

Content Creation & Distribution

We start with the big work behind every content strategy and planning, then the creation of compelling written, visual and video content before moving onto the publishing.

Session 5

Community Management

You are the ambassador who builds, grows and manages authentic online communities on social media platforms for your clients. Learn the keys to doing it well.

Session 6

Online Reputation & Review Management

Here’s where we teach how to prepare and deliver a reliable customer service process as well as managing online reviews for your clients.

Session 7 & 8

Social Media Ads & Metrics

We ensure you can create and manage effective ad campaigns and we go in-depth on how to accurately measure and report results back to your client using industry-leading tools.

Partner of

Session 9

Influencer Campaigns

Learn to pitch, source and manage influencer campaigns for your clients.

Session 10 & 11

Prospecting & Closing Business

You will learn how to identify prospective clients, how to evaluate their needs and how to author effective proposals to close new clients using our templates. We also dive in here to share our decade+ of experience with managing client relationships to ensure you are renewing current contracts and know best practices for smooth communication.

Session 12

Building Your Credibility

Throughout the program, you have learned how to effectively deliver social media marketing services. This final module is where we empower you to put your knowledge to work via a client project portfolio and tout your experience to drive business. *Required for graduation.

The supportive community
Where the Magic Happens. Meet... The INsiders.

We work for ourselves; not BY ourselves. We believe in the power of a community that supports one another at similar stages and phases of our entrepreneurial journey.

Through the INsiders program, you will receive:

  • Monthly professional development sessions on a variety of topics to grow as an entrepreneur and business owner
  • Office hours opportunities for personal support on your growth and the growth of your business
  • Ongoing training and skills development. Social media changes and we're here to help you keep perfecting your craft.
  • Exclusive discounts we've negotiated to
  • Access to one another/ inclusion in your team environment. This is the feature virtually all INsiders can't live without.
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The tuition for the program is $3,000. Payment plans are available. After that, there is an optional monthly membership program for a fee of $99/month.

What you get for your $3,000 tuition:

  • All of the Live training sessions with our expert team
  • Online content - complete access to your Live session recordings, notes and accompanying materials. Consider it the Hay There Social Media INsiders Training Manual.
  • Templates you need to run your business from invoices to marketing materials, proposals and more
  • Access to our job board with client leads
  • Paid membership access to The INsider network for 3 months is included ($297 value). NOTE: You'll be able to access our INsider directory for extra connection.
  • Upon your completion of the course, you will have your profile included on the website (optional)
Next Steps

After you apply, you will have the opportunity to schedule a 1-on-1 call with Emily A. Hay to discuss details and determine if this is a fit. We'll also provide you with a detailed syllabus with the concepts we cover.

Upon enrollment, you will receive access to an online platform with all the supporting materials you’ll need.

Please be sure to check out our FAQs for more information.

How do we know our program works? Of the graduates surveyed after their training…

100% said they would take the course again.

Laura Zukosky

Louisville, CO
October 2020 Program Graduate
"Having the tools and the training and the support from the Hay There Social Media team is unique and I would highly recommend it and I would consider it as a program for anyone wanting to jumpstart their career."

Kimberly Hermann

Bethel, CT
October 2020 Program Graduate
"The other best thing is that I get to work for myself but not by myself as Emily and her team are always there for support."
What graduates of our program have to say
So, what are you waiting for?

Our next Training Cohort begins October 4, 2021. Space is limited, so apply now to set yourself up for flexible work success in 2021 and beyond.

Empower yourself. Be your own boss, where you can let work + life integration change your life.

Remember: Rome wasn’t built overnight. You can’t eat an elephant in one bite. Baby step it out. Whatever mantra helps YOU see that you CAN change your life in a very manageable way, we are here to give you that first step.

You can do this, Mama!
We're in it with you 110%.

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