When it comes to choosing your career path, the options can be overwhelming.

What is the Hay There difference? We give women looking for “more” our proven recipe to start their own social media freelance business using the right ingredients:

  • Resources & Skills: What services to offer & how to deliver them
  • Connections & Guidance: How to get & keep clients
  • Community & Access: The support to constantly achieve more

Every INsider is unique. The specific amount of each ingredient you add to reach your personal and professional goals is completely up to you!

  • Our team of experts offer live classes year round so you can onboard at any time, and you can attend as many times as you like to learn and perfect your social media skills!
  • Our robust collection of training resources is a huge time saver, especially when you have lingering questions about a certain topic or tool that you would otherwise be researching independently as you build your portfolio.
  • If you need more exposure to potential clients, we have the connections as part of our membership program!
  • Access our thriving community of world class experts, and women who have chosen this path to living their best lives just like you!

How We Started

In 2010, our founder, Emily A. Hay put her entrepreneurial spirit to work leveraging her background in sales and marketing & became a self-employed social media marketer for small to medium size businesses. She built a successful boutique agency offering jobs to women allowing them to use their professional talents to work while embracing the mom life they wanted.

In 2019, after seeing countless moms struggle with return-to-work options, the idea struck us to bring our recipe for work-life balance to women everywhere. So we made it our mission to teach the exact skills and support we’ve used for over a decade to build a successful social media business to any mom, anytime, anywhere.

If you want to learn a skill, isn’t it best to learn it from someone who has done it and has a proven track record to show for it? Our social media manager training course is rooted in some serious experience; let us share!

Hay There Social Media was started by Emily A. Hay in 2010 and grew into a successful social media marketing agency with an all-women, work-from-home team. For over a decade, the company has helped small to medium-sized businesses create a digital footprint and build meaningful connections with their target audiences.

If you’d like to learn more about your opportunities or speak with one of our experts, give Hay There Social Media a call today. We’d love to hear your story and start helping out!


Here are some of the clients Hay There Social Media has worked with over the years.


Today, Hay There Social Media is building an ecosystem of expertly trained social media managers (known as “INsiders”) and the businesses who need social media help.

Our Collaborators

We are proud of the strategic collaborations we have created with leading entities and synergistic brands to help our Independent Hay There Social Media Managers and the businesses that need social media marketing help.