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Flexible Work Options for Moms

Ellie Ander, Founder of Chicago North Shore Moms, and Emily A. Hay met on Instagram Live to talk about a bit about a topic near and dear to their hearts, “Flexible Work Options for Moms.”

We know that flexibility is a MUST have for moms.

In fact, according to recent data from Everyday Health Group, 67% of women would take flexibility in their work over $10k extra payment a year. 

Their conversation today gave women attending a new or a refreshed perspective about flexible work options where they can gain the professional fulfillment & financial gain.  Remember, moms are “whole people” and they seek to use their gifts and talents outside of their roles as moms.  

On the Instagram Live, they shared a special invitation for a FREE webinar Ellie and the Chicago North Shore Moms of The Local Moms Network is hosting with Hay There Social Media on Wed, 7/19 at 11am CT/12pm ET that will give you all you need to know about a specific flexible work option that moms across the country are doing everyday but we’ll get to that.  Attendees of that webinar will learn all about being a freelance social media manager.

The Benefits of Freelance 

Ellie and Emily discussed in a True/False format a bit about freelance.  Freelance is defined as working for different companies at different times rather than being permanently employed by one company.

So, test your knowledge on the following: True or False?

  1. Freelance is flexible.  
    1. TRUE!  
    2. It’s truly flexible work.   They talked about the difference between “working flexibly” and truly “flexible work.”  List in their IG Live as they cover how this truly flexible work can adjust with you during changing seasons of motherhood (i.e. ramp up or down your client workload for example).
  2. As long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, you can freelance.
    1. FALSE!
    2. You need training/upskill to learn how to best navigate this professional way to work.  Emily A. Hay and Ali Spitzer covered this in-depth in their Fast Company article where they said telling a woman to “just go freelance” is “crappy advice.”   
    3. Furthermore, a proven way to be a successful freelancer is to have a specialty and to obtain a speciality, one often needs to advance their skills with a specific training.
    4. Remember, a freelancer is an entrepreneur who must run many aspects of their business so it takes more than simply a laptop and an internet connection to be successful at.
  3. Freelance is something I should do ONLY to make money.
    1. FALSE!
    2. Freelancing can allow you to close a resume gap (freelancing = “Present” work experience), you can upskill yourself (Licenses & Certifications) and you can open your eyes to new opportunity.
    3. And speaking of money, you can make more/less with more projects under your belt.  Emily and Ellie discuss all of the above in their IG Live.


Check out the full IG Live here:

We hope you see that there ARE flexible work options available to you starting where you are TODAY.  And one powerful way is by freelancing.

To recap: 

  • Freelance is flexible work.
  • You can have greater success with a specialty.
  • While you can make money freelancing, you can also expose yourself to new opportunities quickly in ways that could take years working in traditional corporate environments.

If you are interested in learning more about Hay There Social Media’s Core Training where we help moms across the US become successful freelancers everyday, you can read more here.

Be sure to register for our webinar on 7/19/23 with Ellie Ander, the Site Curator of Chicago North Shore Moms, part of The Local Moms Network.  You can schedule a free call with our team anytime to discuss how becoming an independent social media manager could work for you.

Emily A. Hay

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