Local 4 has a group of social-media savvy tippers. They’re using social media to share shopping secrets this Black Friday. It’s an incredible resource for bargain hunters.

Novi’s Bree Glenn is a member of the all-female, deal-tweeting group. She says, “Using all the tools available to you and provide for your family, and to have a great Christmas, I think that’s well worth it.”

For 24 hours on Black Friday, the group will be tweeting information on deals they find throughout the Metro Detroit area.

Sterling Heights-based team member, Jolyn Felten, says, “There’s always a thrill in finding a deal, but there’s also a thrill in being able to share a deal.”

Building Friendships, Community

While each member of the group is excited about blowing-up her own twitter feed with things like discounted electronics and on-sale kids shoes this holiday season, each woman says social media has also enriched her life in other ways.

Lauren Weber from Howell says, “Social media, for me, is a way to communicate with the outside world. I don’t feel isolated as a mom, I’m talking to my friends all day.”

Jumping into social media helped Inez Parker of Farmington Hills get through a tough time.

Inez Parker says, “I was going through a breakup, I decided I needed something fun and exciting to do, so my blog was born from that.”

Jenn Padgett of Allen Park says, “When you’re a stay-at-home mom and you’re in the house the majority of the time, you need another adult to talk to, maybe a little backup from another mom that you’re doing the right thing.”

Betsy Murdoch of Detroit says, “Having social media is a great way for me to engage with people and feel definitely more strong backing of friends and things like that.”

Whether you’re looking to save money or find new friends with similar interests, now could be the time to jump into the social media community.

Emily Hay organized the deal-tweeting team in preparation for the holiday sale season. Hay says, “At the end of the day, we are all people, we are all friends, and its a way for us to stay in touch more than we were ever able to.”

The Local 4 Holiday Shopping Frenzy kicks off at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving night and runs 24 hours, through 8 p.m. on Black Friday. You can follow along on our Shopping Frenzy page or on Twitter at #Local4Shopping.

Originally posted on on November 20, 2012.

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