Your business is in need of a social media manager…but how do you find someone? Is there someone on your team who can do the work? (Trust us — this isn’t just an intern project!) What will the cost be like? Does my business have enough content, and how will a stranger capture the essence of the work we do?

These are all valid considerations when a business is looking to hire a social media professional.

Our own Emily A. Hay teamed up with the Subscription Trade Association, SUBTA, Co-Founder and CEO Paul Chambers to debunk five social media manager myths on the SUBTA Studios YouTube Channel.

Before scouring websites and making calls, tune into the video below to get some great tips. During the interview, the duo discusses various myths and misconceptions, as well as how to navigate what to look for in a social media manager.

Five Social Media Manager Myths

Highlights include:

  • 01:37 Myth #1: The Cost of A Social Media Manager
  • 03:48 Myth #2: You Can Hire an Intern
  • 05:27 Myth #3: I Don’t Have Enough Assets
  • 07:42 Myth #4: They Won’t Know My Voice
  • 09:21 Myth #5: They Will Be Autonomous
  • 12:07 Social Media BONUS TIP
  • 15:33 More about the work Hay There Social Media does

Ready to hire a social media manager?

If your business is looking to hire a social media manager, check out our amazing community here or schedule a call to learn more and discuss next steps today.

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