Work-at-home moms: Don’t get the summertime blues with our kid-friendly activities!

If you are a work-at-home mom, you are probably both looking forward to and dreading the long summer days ahead. Sure, you could put the kiddos in day camps all day and work, but where’s the fun – and relaxation – in that? Plus, if you are like the Hay There Social Media all-mom team, you don’t need full-day coverage.

Our team of moms works part-time at home, juggling family, clients, work, fun, meals, more fun and did we mention snacks? We love summer, we love our kids and we love our jobs. So here’s how we make it all work during the summer months when kids are off school.

It’s totally doable with a little planning, a lot of flexibility AND a dash of fun. Read on:

Activity centers

One of the easiest things you can do to grab a few minutes of work is to set your kids up with a self-directed activity or a series of activity centers. This can be washing toy cars on the patio, doing sidewalk chalk, digging plastic dinosaurs out of a block of ice or blowing bubbles. Pinterest is GREAT for ideas. Some ideas take prep work but what you are looking for here is activities that are good for all ages and take little supervision.

Sprinklers and popsicles

There’s the old saying to “put a crab in water,” right? If your kids are crabby and you have a deadline, turn on the sprinkler and promise popsicles when the timer goes off (20-30 minutes is usually idea for most kids).

Arts and crafts

This is great for older kids or younger ones who love to draw. Have everyone make a family portrait, draw their favorite animal, etc. Older kids can also make a “summer bucket list” with their must-do activities, including illustrations.

Workbooks and playing “school”

For kids who are used to doing worksheets and playing school, this is a great way to keep them busy AND prevent the “summer slide.” Make sure you have workbooks/worksheets for all levels and set aside 20 or so minutes a day for school work. Older kids can even do silent reading (most libraries have summer reading programs with prizes for added incentive!).

Weed the garden

If you have kids with green thumbs, paying them a penny a weed (give them a little bucket) is a great way to keep them busy for a while. Plus, your garden will look great!


If you know another work-at-home parent, ask if you can set up a kid-care swap or playdate. He or she gets an hour, kid-free, and so do you.

Screen time

When all else fails, there’s no shame in putting on a movie or letting the kiddos play games on the iPad (bonus points for educational games!), especially if they are over the age of 5. We’ve all been there and sometimes, everyone needs some chill time. Don’t sweat it; they’re having a great summer!

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