The Millennial mom of today is parenting with a smartphone in her hand. Whether she works full- or part-time – or stays at home with her children – these young mamas are using Pinterest, Tweeting, blogging, Facebooking and Instagramming about parenting, all day long.


Hay There Social Media’s founder, Emily A. Hay, recently spoke at the Parenting Media Association’s annual conference in Philadelphia on the topic of engaging tech-savvy, social moms with content from around the Web – and how traditional print media companies can reach this desirable market by using social media like it is 2014 – not 2009.

According to the PMA Web site, member publications represent a monthly circulation nearing 5 million – with a readership of nearly 11.5 million. And, that number is growing daily.

With this kind of reach, it’s clear that members of the Parenting Media Association are shifting into infusing social media into the hardcopy product they deliver so well – using tools like Twitter parties, Facebook groups and online chats to reach readers in the ways they demand.

Why is this group of moms so important to members of the PMA? They represent the future of the business. They WANT to read about parenting. But they don’t necessarily plan to do so only via a hardcopy magazine.

To reach Millennial moms, the approach has to change. These young women are using social media in record numbers. But they reach for their smartphones to learn more about their communities, parenting AND they want to make real-life connections with other moms in their communities. This is why PMA members are discovering products, services and social media tools to make the lives of these busy, young moms easier and more fulfilling.

These moms are used to – and expect – personalization and a certain level of engagement. They demand a high level of responsiveness and customer service.

So what can PMA members do to capitalize on this use of social media? A few Facebook posts or Tweets won’t cut it. To reach these moms, PMA members can embrace cutting edge social media efforts, such as hosting regular Twitter parties – partnered with like-minded brands, companies and services – to provide a social experience that gratifies all parties.

For any media association, this social campaign option should be in all advertising packages and media kits. In addition to traditional banner ads, hard copy ads, Twitter parties deliver added value for all. It’s a win-win-win (for the magazine, the advertiser and for the party attendee/reader).Think of it this way: Dozens of moms Tweeting about cooking in a Twitter party sponsored by a local restaurant. Now that’s a valuable investment for a local business!

To succeed – and reach Millennial moms – Twitter parties are just one example of the way to “get social” effectively. PMA members need to offer this innovative and growing activity to advertisers and embrace other outside-the-box methods to engage their social audience. Add social media layers to your already robust editorial calendar; think like an agency to come up with creative ways to help advertisers spread the word about new products and don’t forget that paid (boosted/promoted) social media posts are the new normal for everyday businesses and media companies alike in order to get content in front of the very people your advertisers pay to reach.

After all, Millennial moms want meaningful, shareable and engaging content. She wants to feel like she’s a valued and cared-for customer. She wants to be a part of the conversation.

Emily A. Hay had this to say: “Even prior to presenting at the conference, it was quite clear that parenting media associations are very in touch with their readers. I feel more strongly than ever that these digital content-savvy organizations have a tremendous opportunity today and going forward to leverage social media channels to extend their connection. The parenting audience will continue to turn to these publications; however, young moms will simply do so via social communication channels.”

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Emily A. Hay

Founder & Instructor at Social Media Manager Training Courses
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