The “gig” economy has risen exponentially during the past several years. While “gigs” can range from being Shipt shoppers to Uber drivers, there is also a great need for subcontractors in the social media marketing world. The common denominator shared by all in this lifestyle is the desire to choose how and when to work.

As our Hay There Social Media team will attest, subcontracting is just one of the ways we embrace the Work + Life Integration lifestyle.

Subcontracting for us means flexible work for our team of moms.  We get to work as a freelancer or social media business owner and get paid work as an extended member of an existing company or team.

Our team has had some BIG WINS doing social media on a subcontract basis. We have formed stellar relationships with agencies and have had the opportunity to learn on accounts we otherwise wouldn’t have worked on. When we subcontract, we are able to get more paid work without a lot of the upfront work that can feel overwhelming without a full team.

Without overhead or insurance needs, subcontracting can be a huge money saver, time saver, and a great way to gain a burst of creative productivity when a company is falling short or at a time of employee transition.

Here’s what the subcontracting process looks like for our team:

  • Meet an agency (let’s call it XO agency); establish a partnership.
  • Become the social media “arm” of the agency. (Or maybe an extended member of their internal team if they already have people doing social media in-house.)
  • XO agency brings on a client to do PR and digital marketing for.
  • We become “[FIRST NAME] of XO agency” for work on a particular client.
  • We deliver the work within the contract parameters and get paid.

From our team’s perspective, this subcontracting relationship makes it easier to get business since we aren’t spending as much time prospecting, writing proposals, and managing the direct client relationship. This also allows us to devote more time to learning the latest trends and having more creative freedom to execute the plan.

One the greatest parts of subcontracting is how it speaks to families, especially our team of moms! It gives women the opportunity to be full-time, part-time, or freelance in a way that works for us.

Can we help your business? Our team of flexible working moms is ready to get to work!

Contact us today to discuss how we can help lessen your workload.

Lauren Weber

Editor at Social Media Manager Training Courses
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