Hay There, small business owners! We still hear the question on a regular basis, “is social media marketing something my business needs to use?” In today’s blog, we are sharing some insight on why social media works for both the individuals and for the businesses. Another important point we encourage you to consider is how your competitors are using social media. Take a look!

Every Tuesday, DSW (aka Designer Shoe Warehouse) gives away 25 free pairs of shoes to their loyal Facebook followers. The requirements for this “Free Shoesday” giveaway? Entrants must “like” the DSW Facebook page, be a DSW Rewards member (which is free to join), and be one of the first 25 people to email the correct answer to a random question posed on the DSW Facebook page at noon. That’s it.

Large businesses are getting more people interested in their products and services buy reaching out on social media — and small businesses can shine, too!!

Regardless of the size of business you have, if you’re not actively participating in social media, then you’re not hanging out with your customers as much as you can. You’re missing out on opportunities to connect with your current customers and draw in new ones. Because your customers want to hang out with you. It’s the cool — and smart — thing to do.

Make your small business the popular one on the social media block!


It’s easy — and instant. People check up on their friends and happen to see that you’re unveiling a new product, having a sale or sharing a photo. Or maybe you’re having some sort of contest or posing an interesting question. Which brings us to the next point:

It’s fun. The thrill of hanging out where everyone has the same chance to engage and provide feedback is enjoyable, and being the first to see a special news is exciting. And it keeps the customer around. Why? Because:

It’s personal. To be interactive directly with a brand makes customers feel like they matter, that their opinion — and their dollar — counts. It builds a bond.


It’s direct. Really, how much more direct marketing can you get — to have potential customers voluntarily sign up to receive all the info you want to give them? Yes, please!

It keeps customers participating. Current and potential customers “like” the page for an initial contest or promo and then keep their eye out for your company’s updates of new offerings, sales and anything else your company posts about. When you keep them actively seeking you out, that means they’re thinking of you. Which means:

It gets customers talking — about you. They’re talking about your company to their family and friends, who will likely go follow your social media profiles. And when customers talk about you, they usually buy from you, too.


If you’re not promoting your business via social media, then you’re not getting as much exposure as you can. When your company is engaging on social media platforms, everyone is making sure that they are connected to you. They’re reading your post updates and thinking of you…a lot.

As for your competitor, who isn’t hanging out on social media? Um…what competitor? 🙂

Hay There Social Media can help you make sure you’re edging ahead with social media so contact us today!

Contributed by Hay There Social Media Team Member, Deanna Rose.


“Pink Shoes & Computer” Photo credit: www.mashable.com

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