When you think of a gastrointestinal doctor, you probably don’t think of social media.

But why is that?

Gastrointestinal health is a major issue, especially the screening and prevention of colon cancer. People of a certain age SHOULD be talking about things like colonoscopies. Those with conditions like diverticulitis or Crohn’s disease shouldn’t be suffering in silence. We turn to friends and family in real life for health information and recommendations but our online connections often have as much – if not more – influence over our decision as we crowdsource advice and turn to Google for research.

As a specialized medical practice, it’s critical to have a strong social media presence to educate and reach those you can – and do – serve everyday in the office or treatment center. Medical specialists like a gastroenterologist is a doctor most people won’t see regularly like a dentist or family physician, so it’s even more important to meet them where they are at, and that’s on social media.

Our Approach

The Hay There Social Media team has helped a gastrointestinal practice/outpatient procedure center reach even more prospective patients through an engaging and measurable social media presence. As part of our content strategy, we focused on speaking to the right audience while spreading knowledge and expertise from their team of experts. The content had to be a balance of specialized info on conditions as well as broader information to educate people on why you might seek out a G.I. doctor in the first place.

With the practice’s focus on prevention, we focused on making introductions to men and women in their mid- to late 40s and early 50s within a designated geographical radius.  Our goal was to make people think, maybe even laugh, but ultimately: Make them schedule an appointment for tests or screenings that aren’t always pleasant but are very necessary to prevent and detect colon cancer.

Our Results

These posts did extremely well, connecting with just the right audience – as we’ve seen BIG number increases month over month. Our posts have also featured a healthy mix of educational topics, promotional posts (including timely blogs) and health news, driving more appointments to their endoscopy center. In one month alone, this practice has seen the following social media results:

  • A 100% increase in impressions
  • A 37% increase in engagements
  • A 147% increase in link clicks

Furthermore, the practice has even received media inquiries since their social media content strategy has taken off.  We’ve also helped them with hiring, using social media to spread the word about job postings since our work includes managing their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn company presences.

To have big success on social media, a business doesn’t necessarily have to fit into a perfect box. There is a strategy that can work for almost any business and medical practices are no exception. The key is to trust your social media team. This specialized practice has supported our approach to try different ideas for images, topics and paid social ad campaigns (rather than follow a stale formula many medical offices use) and the result is an increased online connection with patients.

If you own a business that is interested in connecting more on social media but you are not sure how, contact us today. We can help figure out a strategy that works!

Korie Wilkins

Author at Social Media Manager Training Courses
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