Did you know you can use social media marketing to help grow your senior living community and home care agency? There are some key steps to take that Hay There Social Media Founder Emily A. Hay partnered with Caring.com to discuss in their online Digital Marketing Academy webinar,  and we want to share those tips with you!

Here’s what some of the hundreds of attendees said about the webinar:

“It was information that is useful and relatively easy to implement.”

“Excellent content!”

“I liked the ideas shared to help keep people interested on social media.”

“Learning about having a professional and caring tone instead of being trendy.”

“It was a good reminder to not forget our core values.” 

Find out what they learned below!

Turning leads into customers

Your goal is to use your social media marketing to move prospects closer to a purchasing decision. So, how do you do that?

You’re already working to get leads. But what would you rather have: 25 cold leads…or 5 warm leads? Social media can help you create warm leads!

  • Think about ways you can use social media to nurture your leads – being personal.
  • Know who your target audience is and speak to them. Know their personality and find ways to connect with them, get their attention, and built trust.
  • Know your sales cycle and produce intentional social media content that helps your prospect advance from one step to the next.

Types of content to use

Social media marketing isn’t simply about writing a sentence on Facebook; you’ll want to explore all avenues to increase your reach.

Blogs: For you to build trust with prospects and establish your business as an expert in the field. Do this by creating how-to guides and simple checklists that invite reading.

Social media posts: Use images, memes, etc. to connect with your prospect and who they are

Directory reviews: People use online directories and read the reviews when making decisions, so make sure yours are in top-top shape and handled accordingly

Videos: Prospects want to see how personable your business is

Infographics: Visually-stimulating vials of information intrigue and interest prospects, while providing useful knowledge

How to make your content unique

Be clear on WHO you are talking to and what matters to them. Make sure you’re hitting upon values – the basic and fundamental beliefs that guide or motivate actions – that go beyond just your business.

When creating content, keep these ideas in mind:

  • What’s the story of your brand?
  • How do you help people every day?
  • Do you have a theme or motto?
  • If the business were a person, who would it be? (Must have an authentic and consistent voice!)
  • Repetition creates awareness.

Creating a consistent framework for your content means consistently speaking in your defined voice, being “professionally personal,” and being clear when addressing your prospect’s mindset (assumptions, methods & notions). Because you want to make them FEEL like you are the right match for them.


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Make the most of your social media marketing

Want more insight on how to create social media marketing content that turns inquiries into customers? Want to see where your social media profiles stand? Conduct a simple social media audit to determine where your business is hitting the mark, and where things can be improved upon.  Then contact Hay There Social Media for all your social media needs – whether that’s creating a content marketing strategy, creating and/or distributing content, or anything in-between!

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