Imagine your Facebook or Instagram feed: You probably follow friends, family, influencers and maybe some companies or local businesses.

If you read the content from friends and family, do you read it in their voice? Tone? You probably do, if you think about it.

But how do you read posts from a business or company? Do those posts have a voice? They should. And here’s why.

Creating a “voice” for your brand is key to how others interact and relate to your product or service. If you are putting out content that doesn’t feel like you or sound like the voice of your company, chances are it is falling flat with your fans and followers.

That’s likely because it is generic or safe and lacks that distinct flair that draws people in and helps them remember and bond with your company.

Think about the best social media content you’ve seen this week. It was probably noteworthy in that it was funny, smart, tugged at your heartstrings or maybe even took a risk. Those things are all great and odds are that content was also written in a certain voice or tone.

So, what does that mean? Your brand’s voice should sound like you and speak to your key demographic. If you are a fitness instructor, you want to seem knowledgeable, approachable and fun. If you are a real estate agent, you need to seem accessible, in-the-know and responsive.

A medical or dental practice might sound friendly, smart and understanding.

The words you choose and the phrases you use can help your business establish a strong voice on social media.

One tip is: When you are writing your content, read it out loud. It might feel silly at first, but it can help you flesh out words or phrases that feel odd to you or sound strange or out of place. A recent example at Hay There Social Media is content written for a medical practice. We talked about the words, “carbonated beverage.”  Those words aren’t wrong, but not something most people generally say. Sparkling water or fizzy water seemed a better choice that was less stuffy and more conversational.

So, before you write your next post, think about how it sounds as spoken words. Take some time to outline words, phrases and images you want – and ones you don’t.

The good news about creating a voice for your company or brand is, it is really fun! And it can make your life easier when you go to write because you have an idea about what to say – and how to say it.  Remember, people don’t connect with business entities, they connect with other people.

If you need help establishing a voice for social media, contact us today!

Korie Wilkins

Author at Social Media Manager Training Courses
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