What are financially successful remote jobs for single moms?

Being a freelance social media manager is a viable path for flexible, professional employment for any mom.

How single moms can work without “going into the office”

What if you could support yourself and further your career WITHOUT sacrificing time with your kids and achieve work life balance (or work + life integration, as we like to say)?

What if you could stay home sick with your kids, go on field trips, be at the bus stop to pick up your kids every day, attend all the soccer games and dance recitals, jet off on vacation on a whim, work while in Disney World with your kids — AS A SINGLE MOM — all without clearing it with your boss, and without losing necessary income from not being “at work” in the office?

What if you could be your own boss?

Here’s the truth: YOU CAN by becoming a social media manager. And you can do it NOW.

Think about it…pretty much every business you know (and don’t know) is on social media. And those businesses pay someone to fill and manage those social media accounts. That person can be YOU.

You may think you don’t know the first thing about running a business’ social media accounts. Or even how to find those businesses and get them to hire you to run their accounts.  But here’s the secret…it’s completely learnable and can be learned quickly and flexibly.

How to Start Your Own Social Media Business

We moms are multi-faceted. Especially when you’re a single mom. You learn how to do so many things on the fly, and you adjust your world to figure it out. Because you have to. But it doesn’t have to always be difficult or be done alone.

Having your own social media business, especially when you haven’t had your own business before, isn’t as scary as it may sound.

You may think you don’t need something else on your plate because it’s hard enough doing everything you already do day in and day out…but starting your own social media business can make things easier in your life.

Hay There Social Media was started by a mom, run by moms, for moms. Because we know what it’s like when you need to work but you don’t want to miss out on anything in your kids’ lives. We don’t feel motherhood and work should be an “either or” choice so that’s why we embrace work life integration.

And we’re here to show you how to do what we do.

What you need:

  • A working knowledge of social media (you’re on Facebook, aren’t you?!)
  • A desire for work + life integration (financial stability AND kid time)
  • A little creativity (you’re a mom…you’ve got that in spades!)
  • The Hay There Social Media INsiders Training (Consider us “your people”)

And it’s a PROVEN SYSTEM that works…take a peek:


One Single Mom’s Work-From-Home Story

By Deanna Rose

I was a stay-at-home mom for the first 9 months of my daughter’s life, after quitting my job as a newspaper reporter. I wanted to help out with some income and get back my professional mojo after awhile…but I just couldn’t see myself going into the office and being bound by strict office hours now that I was a mom.

Then I happened upon Hay There Social Media. That was in 2011…and I can’t even begin to explain how utterly grateful I am that my path veered the way it did.

I started out with one small client, working about 10 hours a week. Then, I happened to get divorced while my daughter was in kindergarten.

I have NO IDEA how I would’ve managed being a single mom and continue to be present for my daughter if I’d had to go into an office job every day. And I would’ve had to beg to take days off if my daughter was sick or I wanted to go on her field trip to the apple orchard.

And then when the pandemic hit? And now the aftermath of it? I would’ve cried WAY more than I did, and been WAY more stressed, had I not already been working a career at home, on my own time.

Because of Hay There Social Media, I was able to expand my clients for my own business and work when I wanted. And buy a house, go on vacations, and care for my daughter without stressing about money (well not excessively, at least) — or worry about sending my daughter to daycare after school or in the summer.

I was able to support myself and my daughter financially…and still have the mental capacity and brain space to support us emotionally as well.

And here’s the thing: YOU can do it, too!


What’s the Hay There Social Media INsiders Training?

The INsiders Training is a 13-module online social media marketing course to give you all the tools you need to start your own social media business — and it’s taught LIVE via Zoom, so it’s interactive and you’re learning straight from the very women who created the company and do the work every single day that we’re teaching you.

And after your training, say hello to your new support network…you’ll have the option to have us as your virtual co-workers! We have monthly professional development sessions online, constant contact with our experts for guidance and support, virtual team-building events, and so much more (including job prospects – a perk so many women consider priceless).

The INsiders Training is a legitimate opportunity to learn how to do everything you need to do to go off on your own — with a continued team on your side.

Having your own social media marketing business is one of those things that you can ride with the tide. It’s not selling trendy clothes or accessories that may rise then fizzle — it’s about taking your career to another level, providing a service that businesses need and will continue to need in some form.

And as for being a single mom, let a personal “restart” be your professional “jumpstart.”

If you want more information about the Hay There Social Media INsiders Training and how it can get you making steady income from your own clients right out of the gate, schedule a call with us today.




Deanna Rose

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