We believe every woman owns her future.

We are changing the world by empowering women to run their OWN social media businesses with our proven system. On their terms. Working flexibly and living intentionally in “Work+Life Integration Nation™.”

This means we are bringing together like-minded women.

Does this sound like you?

Her life

  • She has other demanding responsibilities (children, parents/in-laws, husband, siblings, etc).
  • She must fit work AROUND her life. Not the other way around.
  • She's a multitasker; has 500 tabs open in her head at all times.
  • She can compartmentalize when she needs to get stuff done.
  • She craves "professional fulfillment" (aka using her "real brain" not just her "mom brain").

Her personality

  • While she doesn't have to be an extrovert, she must enjoy making connections.
  • She is social and positive, not snarky.

Her fears

  • Not being "qualified enough" (Imposter syndrome).
  • Being "on the sidelines too long."
  • Rejection: wants to be likable; not a fan of "confrontation."
  • Losing control of her current work+life rhythm as she knows it.

Her work style

  • She's tech-savvy: she can rule her family and life from her smartphone.
  • She's efficient, enthusiastic, energetic, resourceful and tenacious.
  • She's a self-starter, self-disciplined, is self-motivated and ALWAYS goes the extra-mile. Always.
  • She takes pride in whatever she puts her effort into.
  • She is a strong communicator and comes across clearly in writing.

Must have

  • Strong social media skills (social network pro).
  • Own laptop.

She is drawn to

  • Positive quotes/memes on social media.
  • Podcasts.
  • Looking for ways to get her professional mo-jo back.
  • Thinking about her life beyond just the present.
  • She’s willing to give herself an opportunity.
  • Like-minded women. Would love a community to "work with."

If this resonates, you are in good company!

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Are you ready to own your day? To blend work + life into one?

We believe in rhythm, not a balance and are committed to helping you achieve freedom, support and success.
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