Know what makes a mom (and anyone, really) feel special? Having her talents recognized and appreciated. Especially when it comes from her partner. Well, we’re going to give you a little insight — and ideas — to help you support and encourage your significant other (and offer her professional opportunities using her skills)!

Being a mom is the best job in the world, without a doubt. It’s also the hardest job. So hard, in fact, that sometimes we “lose” ourselves because we’re dedicated to making sure our kids’ needs come first. Our personal desires and professional drive sometimes get thrown out the window or put on the back burner for a while — which is completely OK because taking care of our family is our number one priority.

But what if we could have it ALL? What if we could pursue professional fulfillment AND not sacrifice our mom efforts? We can!

Finding professional fulfillment as a mom

With having to quarantine and working from home, you’ve likely spent more time around your partner at home, seeing her trying to get everything done in a whole new world. You’ve noticed her talents, her passions, her abilities.

Does she love to write? Delight in creating and cooking new meals? Make lasting connections on social media?

Now’s the time to encourage her! Let her know you see her as more than “just” a mom. Help her see how everything she does at home are valuable skills that translate into the professional world, allowing her that fulfillment without it being at the expense of being a mom.

But how is that possible?

At Hay There Social Media, we understand what it means to flex our career (and all-around professional) muscles while working flexibly. We understand work + life integration. We’ve been working from home, with kids, since 2010: Helping clients make the most of their digital footprint by creating and implementing social media and digital marketing strategies to connect their brands with audiences and increase business.

Your partner can start her own social media business, too, with our constant support and guidance — where she can work on her terms.

She can spend her days at home with the kids helping them learn and grow, and then use some of her time to hop on the computer or smartphone to manage clients. Maybe working for a couple hours before the kids wake up or after they go to bed works best for her…or maybe she prefers to work during their lunch or while they’re at a play date. Regardless, she’s able to work flexibly and we have a way to get her there at Hay There Social Media.

Encourage her interests

We’re pretty sure your significant other will adore your acknowledgement of her abilities, and appreciate your encouragement of her finding a way to fulfill her professional desires. Especially when you let her know that she can have her own business working from home in the Work + Life Integration Nation™.

Are you ready to join “Work+Life Integration Nation™?” This is NOT your everyday opportunity. This is a game changer. Get your boss lady hat on here.

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