At Hay There, we are certain that women from Cypress, California to Greenwich, Connecticut are looking for ways to find flexibility, fulfillment and financial independence. We also know that countless women rely on their nearest Local Moms Network Site Curator as a resource for the best ways to spend their precious time around town.

Hay There Social Media, a community-led brand that upskills women to become independent social media managers for businesses, and The Local Moms Network, a hyper-local national organization, have launched a first-of-its-kind collaboration.  We’ve thoughtfully aligned our organizational strengths to help women across the country discover a new work from home system that creates truly flexible work.

A significant group of Local Moms Network Site Curators were recently gifted the experience to complete Hay There’s live, 14 module training, with full access to Hay There’s “INsider” membership benefits throughout their self paced training period.  Every month, members receive office essentials; a collection of community elements home-based professionals often miss: professional development sessions, one on one meetings, brainstorming sessions with any number of Hay There community members, constant interaction on Slack, and much more.

Hay There Social Media’s Core Training is a meticulously curated system designed for the future of work. The curriculum is built from experience, using the processes, best practices and unique methods Hay There has used to deliver client work for over a decade.

The partnership feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Many women have shared with Hay There Founder, Emily A. Hay, how they intend to incorporate their new skill set with specific next steps for their own businesses- including, expanding their marketing services to their existing clients, and opening new doors to many more.

✨”It’s foolproof!”
✨”Whether you are already in social media or are new to it, this training is for you!”
✨”Emily and her team are amazing!”


Local Moms Network Site Curators are also sharing their authentic and unfiltered experience with the gifted training with their followers on Instagram and other social platforms, spreading the word about this new solution to the universal “what’s next?” or “is there more?” question millions of moms ask themselves.

The Local Moms Network believes wholeheartedly in providing moms opportunities to work from home and around their kid’s schedules.  This is one reason why the collaboration with Hay There was such a natural fit. Navigating the evolving landscape of work by proactively enhancing a skill range unlocks access to more opportunities.

More options = more power.

The versatile skills Hay There’s training provides gives women looking for a career pivot, new entrepreneurial opportunities or career re-entry a proven path to follow in the in-demand field of social media marketing.  Independent Hay There Social Media managers are equipped with versatile knowledge that can be deployed quickly and has valuable staying power.

If you are interested in learning more about Hay There Social Media’s Core Training, you can read more here.  Be sure to check out a webinar with did with Amanda Vlastas, the Site Curator and Founder of West University Texas Moms, part of The Local Moms Network.  You can schedule a free call with our team anytime to discuss how becoming an independent social media manager could work for you.

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