You want to work flexibly on YOUR terms…but you’ve sidelined your career to be a primary caregiver for a while and you don’t feel qualified enough to start your own business. NEWSFLASH: The skills you’ve acquired through living your life, and especially from being a mom, are valuable to clients who hire you– and we can help you harness them!

What skillset does it take to be your own boss?  Maybe you have copywriting skills, a PR background, customer service experience or just a love for using social media. At Hay There Social Media, we use social media marketing as the vehicle to empower women to start their own businesses.

work life integration

Here are the 8 “mom skills” you can directly apply to your ability to work on your own terms:

1. Multitasking.

You’re a mom, so you know about having a bunch of things you need to do, and how to get them done productively. When you live in the Work + Life Integration Nation™, you’ll revel in the flow of working with kids at home — and can utilize your multitasking skills to be able to manage working with clients on their various social media platforms.

2. Organization.

The way you get the kids dressed, dinner on the table, arrive at scheduled activities, all while dealing with whatever the day brings? That takes strategic planning! And that kind of planning comes in handy when creating social media content calendars, posting to social media platforms, and coordinating work deadlines.

3. Positive attitude.

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade — because you know there’s no use dwelling on the bad stuff, and you want to teach your kids to look on the bright side of things. While it isn’t always easy, our team is all about staying positive, and spreading positivity — particularly when it comes to clients and their message across social media.

4. Fixing problems.

When something goes awry (something breaks at home or the kids are struggling), you’re resourceful at running through the possible solutions and finding one that works. That tenacity allows you to think outside the box when confronted with client concerns or any issues that pop up, solving problems efficiently.

5. Social media pro.

You already engage with friends, family and businesses on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Yelp, and other social media platforms — so you know the ins and outs of them. Clients need people like you who can take care of their social media marketing in a real, authentic way.

6. Strong communication.

Talking to the internet company about service; contacting customer service to right a wrong; conveying to the pediatrician what your concerns are and understanding what the solution is; keeping in touch with your child’s teacher and finding the best practice to your child’s academic success. These are all valuable written and verbal communication skills that are necessary when talking to and understanding clients and their vision — and sharing that vision clearly in writing.

7. Phone tech-savvy.

You live by your smartphone, scheduling appointments, coordinating schedules, staying on top of news and information, checking email, taking photos, sharing with others. Being able to rule your family and life via your smartphone means you can do your social media marketing work from your phone, too!

8. Pride at doing a good job.

Whether it’s helping with homework, making a memorable birthday party, or creating exciting opportunities for growth and learning with your kids, you take pride in anything you put your effort into. With Hay There Social Media, and your clients, it’s not about clocking hours — it’s about getting the job done, with your best effort.

We’re a community of like-minded women who have learned how to best use our skills to provide social media marketing services to clients who value our real connection to their audience, and the know-how to get things done.

Come join us and give yourself an opportunity to get your professional mojo back…on your terms, while being a mom.

Deanna Rose

Author at Social Media Manager Training Courses
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