What Hay There INsiders Are: Women who believe in a better way to work.

At Hay There, we are honored to see our Founder, Emily A. Hay, and her husband, Niall, contribute to this important narrative in the FAIR PLAY Documentary.  They pulled back the curtain and shared their own journey to find balance ⚖️ at home, demonstrating how even the smallest fights around dirty dishes are actually linked to systemic issues affecting millions of families across the globe 🌎.

Similar to how millions of couples face these issues, we know at Hay There that millions of women face the issue of struggling to figure out what’s next or what else is out there for themselves professionally.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Hay There INsiders , we are a community of work-life integrators.  We are independent, empowered women who stepped up to gain professional fulfillment and to work on our terms.  INsiders tapped into this work-life integration system by training to be a freelance social media manager.  We celebrate our collective personal and professional achievements and while we work for ourselves, we don’t work by ourselves.

Who Hay There INsiders Are

INsiders are women…

  • who are moms (women with caregiving responsibilities)
  • in virtually every time zone in the U.S. (and even a couple abroad; in Canada and an expat in Korea)
  • who may have resume gaps
  • with backgrounds in marketing (an industry hit hard by the pandemic), communications, PR & more (including teaching, engineering, graphic design, legal, finance, customer service and medical assistance)
  • who may be military spouses
  • single or married

What Hay There INsiders Believe

Hay There INsiders are women who believe in systems that can drive their professional fulfillment.  They work with what they have; they use their talents to keep learning, growing and achieving.  This community of women believes in creating their own solutions to challenges and not waiting for timing and circumstances to be just right.

“INsiders are comfortable saying ‘yes’ before they are ready.  Our community is courageous and are role models to each other, to their families and to other women.  INsiders are real women who don’t rely on the world to change for them—they are the game changers in their work lives,” says Emily A. Hay, Founder of Hay There Social Media.

But none of us got here without facing some adversity and it’s our courage and bravery that is still needed for us to make progress everyday.


Synergies with FAIR PLAY

In Eve Rodsky’s NYT best-selling book, FAIR PLAY, a game-changing solution for when you have too much to do and more life to live, Eve introduces a system: a time- and anxiety-saving system that offers couples a completely new way to divvy up domestic responsibilities.  As work-life integrators, we know that you have to think of our WHOLE self; not just the work or the life side.

FAIR PLAY illustrates how huge pieces of our everyday lives aren’t visible or weighted as important, such as managing the unavoidable invisible work that running a household demands. Or, the real hours and days it takes to plan for and nurture our work, children, elderly loved ones, and in many cases, partners. So often, these human elements are merely listed as part of “life”.

FAIR PLAY discusses the disparity in time values, and offers a window into what invisible work actually entails. Although we are only allocated 24 hours in each day universally, there is a perception that because we do not directly earn money in exchange, “life’s” time currency does not hold the same worth as “work” time. INsider’s work every day to level the playing field and take back our time value.

Hay There INsiders speak through their actions; doing what needs done to achieve a better way to work and we are proud to do this together.  Dr. Phyllis Cohen, a couples’ therapist for more than 40 years bases her practice on the precept: “It all starts with a game changer.  Only one person has to initiate change to proactively change the entire system.”  In FAIR PLAY, Eve talks about how women can be a game changer in their marriages.

The FAIR PLAY Documentary

The Hay There community of work from home moms is anxiously awaiting the release of the FAIR PLAY Documentary, written, produced, and directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom and in partnership with Hello Sunshine, on July 8, 2022.  This documentary speaks to the spirit and courage of the Hay There INsiders.

Hay There Social Media Founder, Emily A. Hay, and her husband, Niall, were featured in the FAIR PLAY Documentary.

“For women to be able to step into their power in the world, men have to step into their power at home,” says Eve Rodsky.  Equalizing our time and responsibilities in a way that works for both career and life obligations. Nothing could resonate deeper than this in the Hay There community of work from home moms.

Pre-order on AppleTV/iTunes now and watch July 8th. 

Emily A. Hay

Founder & Instructor at Social Media Manager Training Courses
Creator of flexible work opportunities for moms since 2009 | Shared our journey in FAIR PLAY Documentary by Reese’s Hello Sunshine based off Eve Rodsky’s book 🎥 | Work+Life Integrator 👩‍💻 👧 👧

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