Even if you aren’t a die-hard Swiftie (or live with one) it’s hard to miss the impact this tour is having on women – especially moms.

You’d have to be living under a rock to not see the social media and cultural phenomenon that is this year’s Taylor Swift Eras tour.

So what is the magic behind the music? Why is it speaking to moms in such a deep and profound way?

And if you are feeling empowered or inspired by Taylor, have you stopped to think about why?

At Hay There Social Media, we LIVE for inspiring and empowering moms and so we feel a certain affinity for watching the Taylor Tsunami take over our social media feeds.

But don’t worry; we haven’t collectively lost our minds or allowed our egos to soar to billionaire levels, but we can draw some CLEAR parallels between what Taylor’s tour is doing for moms that motivate us to keep striving for our team (and actively look for new moms to help) every day.

Here are some of the ways Taylor Swift has inspired us – so we can keep inspiring (and empowering) you.

  1. Through Our Children.

Tickets for the Eras tour were high, there’s no arguing that. And they are also incredibly difficult to come by. But what we have seen is, moms will do anything to make core memories with their Swiftie kids. We have heard countless stories of Facebook Mom Groups brokering tickets and pouring endless energy into making it the best experience ever.  That’s right – who else would we spend $$$ on, go to great lengths to get the perfect outfit, travel and stay up past 10 p.m. for other than …. Our children.

We hear every day that children are the primary motivator to seek flexible and meaningful work – to set that example for our sons and daughters that it is important to be fulfilled and engaged in a career. The bottom line is, children can take us off our intended path, but they can also be a powerful force guiding us back to our purpose.


  1. By Finding Ourselves.

Taylor has helped awaken the best, and sometimes long dormant, versions of ourselves.  Attending an electric and entertaining concert is powerful, evoking memories, youth, possibilities and freedom we felt before life got in the way. As moms, we know how it feels when those parts of us are ALIVE inside.

Whether it is at a concert or at your job, Hay There Social Media knows exactly what it feels like and we THRIVE on empowering moms to live their best professional selves.  It’s not just a training. It’s not even just a career path. Just like Taylor’s concert isn’t just an excuse to go to your friendly-downtown arena.  It’s an EXPERIENCE. We want moms to not only engage in a career – but with each other, finding support and meaning in a community.


  1. By Being Empowered.

If you listen to Taylor’s lyrics, you take several things away but one of the main themes running through her music is empowerment. Strength. Knowing one’s self and owning your beauty, flaws and everything in between. She’s the kind of role model any woman can look up to, not because she’s perfect but because she perseveres. She survives. She shakes it off.

At Hay There, we know that meaningful work ignites a passion and reinvigorates the soul – it’s not just about making money (although that’s great too!). It’s about finding something that makes you shine.

If you have recently been feeling empowered or motivated by Taylor Swift, you aren’t alone.

Her tour has been an amazing collective experience and her tour, from coast-to-coast, has sparked conversations. At Hay There, we have also taken our message on the road, making virtual stops in cities like Peachtree, Georgia; Miami; Chicago; Detroit; with more in the works!  This has been through our collaboration with The Local Moms Network.

We’ve recently trained a significant group of The Local Moms Network Site Curators who serve as co-hosts in these cities to present a fun, fast and informative webinar in a casual, friendly setting that explores what being a Social Media Manager for businesses looks like, how much you can earn as a Social Media Manager, and the many ways you can put your new skillset to use.

We may not be dancing in Versace and Christian Louboutin, but we are here – ready to help you make a difference in the small stage of your home and community.

Schedule a call with us today so we can talk about our proven training program empowering moms across the U.S…just like Taylor 😉

Emily A. Hay

Founder & Instructor at Social Media Manager Training Courses
Creator of flexible work opportunities for moms since 2009 | Shared our journey in FAIR PLAY Documentary by Reese’s Hello Sunshine based off Eve Rodsky’s book 🎥 | Work+Life Integrator 👩‍💻 👧 👧

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