Hay There Social Media, Founder & CEO, Emily A. Hay, and its COO, Alison Spitzer, co-authored an article in Fast Company on why “Just Go Freelance” is crappy advice. Fast Company is world’s leading business media brand, with an editorial focus on innovation in technology, leadership, world changing ideas, creativity, and design.

Reason #1: Many #freelancers fail after the first year as a result of making avoidable mistakes.

This post will make sure you:
  • Dig deeper into the buzz worthy “future of work” conversation and what you really need to know about the unprecedented trend of freelance work.
  • Learn about the 3Fs: flexibility, fulfillment and financial independence and why women are in a stronger position than ever to truly achieve them.
  • Understand why MLMs (multi-level marketing businesses) were able to rise to success over a century ago with a flawed model disguised as a way for the “everywoman” to realize the 3Fs through sorely needed community and mentorship.
  • Obtain a better idea of the areas freelancers need more support and the risks you can mitigate to increase your chances of success.
  • Know the players in the exploding market of freelance work sites like We Are Rosie, and how they are identifying areas to differentiate themselves by enriching the freelance experience.
  • In addition to big picture trends, read how one work life integrator found a way to achieve the 3Fs.
  • Understand the landscape so you can navigate with a heightened awareness and excel as the freelance trend continues to grow.
Read the full article here:

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