How to expand your Social Media business and generate more revenue with Jackie Kossoff

Meta Ads Suite Expert, Jackie Kossoff, delivered a rich-with-value professional development session for our community of social media managers where she shared the answers it basically took a decade of working in social media to figure.

After attending this session (or watching in our membership recordings library), Social Media Managers can think bigger, see more opportunity, and have a clear way to capitalize on it while getting paid.

Jackie Kossoff is a Marketing Strategist & Success Coach for fellow entrepreneurs building their own marketing agencies.  She is an Amazon Bestselling author, host of the Millennial Success Stories podcast, and also runs a full-service Facebook Ads & marketing agency. Jackie’s extensive experience with Facebook Ads has allowed her to assist clients in lead generation and revenue-focused campaigns. Her average ROI for sales-centered campaigns ranges from 700%-2500%.

Jackie shared the following insight:

How to qualify clients for ads services and approach them with the opportunity

There are numerous elements involved in identifying if it is the right time for a client to partner with a paid ad expert. Jackie walked us through some cautionary tales, red flags, and poignant questions to help assess client readiness when they express interest in pursuing paid ads as part of their marketing strategy. 

How to partner with Ads Strategists

The best way to identify a potential paid ads partner, is to first engage your network connections. It is highly likely that someone in your trusted community of choice (in our case, the Hay There INsiders community!) will either know someone, or be involved with this work themselves.  Finding narrower alignment in subjects and industries will be important in the process as well. There is a wide range to what Partnerships can look like, and Jackie walked us through a variety of sample structures, with case studies with real dollar amounts to illustrate the real world application, including partnering on: 

  • Functioning like an agency for small businesses
  • Working with the right formula for Corporate organizations 
  • Simply interfacing as referral sources for each other

Hay There Founder & CEO Emily A. Hay said “This is SO in alignment with how we roll, Jackie. Such great reinforcement so we all get better at our approach to client work and relationship management.”

Best practices for Meta audience targeting

Jackie kicked off this topic by starting “the power of Meta Ads comes from the potential to target your client’s ideal customers.” She also shared with us that within the next 5 years, Meta is looking to replace paid ad campaign strategy and implementation with fully automated AI. Until then, the work still needs nuanced, skilled professionals. 

Based on this knowledge, Jackie recommended many best practices to the Hay There Social Media Managers, including going broad with an audience of at least 2 million, then expand or narrow targeting as needed. 

One thing that stuck with Hay There INsider, Kelli Robinson, and COO Alison Spitzer, was ensuring the entire client ecosystem was set up for success by taking the time to critically explore other elements that may not directly fit into the scope of a paid ads strategist and social media manager. For example, active review of the client’s website, and relevance of landing pages will certainly affect the results of any campaigns. 

It is also a great demonstration of the social media manager’s level of buy-in and care for the true success of the work the client is entrusting them to do.  It can also present a red flag, if the client is resistant to acting on recommendations outside the scope of the paid aids strategy. We learned all this and so much more in this practical and linear way to grow your social media manager business, and the great news is, you can take action TODAY.

If you are looking for an paid social media expert, we recommend contacting Jackie Kossoff today.

If you are looking to expand your client services or grow your agencies through partnership with paid social experts and more, Hay There Social Media’s memberships can give you access to a library of upskilling content including our most recent with Jackie Kossoff. Join today! 


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