Hay There Social Media has made a big commitment to an outstanding collection of entrepreneurs at SUBTA, the subscription trade association, the world’s largest DTC Subscription Community.  We’ve recently joined the ranks of the largest group of subscription and membership innovators as a premium resource partner.

SUBTA Resource Partners are dedicated vendors and suppliers that offer valuable products and/or services to subscription-based companies.

Over the years, Hay There has collaborated with an array of SUBTA members and effectively served some as valuable Hay There Social Media clients. Our Founder, Emily A. Hay was a featured guest speaker at SUBTA’s Women in Subscription Event.

SUBTA Women in Subscription

This driven and talented group is chock full of forward-thinking market disrupting ideas. But they don’t stop there- they courageously take the leap by rolling up their sleeves and diving headfirst into the unchartered waters of entrepreneurial leadership. Once a year, they gather in the spirit of continued learning and peer education at the SUBSummit.

The SUBTA World Summit

The SUBSummit  will take place in June 2022 in Orlando.

Things we know:

  1. It is the world’s largest gathering of like minded subscription model leaders. Whether the business is membership based, comes in a box to your front door, streaming on your device or saves you money, you will find the brightest luminaries in Florida this spring!
  2. The summit was actually created before the formalization of SUBTA. A handful of burgeoning business owners needed to navigate the relatively new industry of subscription boxes, but had nowhere to network. Fast forward several years, and there are now best practices, comradery and connections exchanged on a daily basis, culminating with the highly anticipated SUBsummit each year.
  3. The content for the SUBSummit is based on key areas that members have identified they would benefit the most from discussion and insight from their peers. Although the products and services represented are as diverse as they come, any business from seedling to mature oak can benefit from emerging practices regarding:
  • Growing a consumer base
  • Retaining customer audiences
  • Prudent financial management

Hay There’s sophisticated specialization in social media strategy and management can create critical efficiencies in ALL THREE of the main summit topics for nearly every SUBTA member!

  1. Did you know that developing and planning your social media strategy should represent about 40% of your overall social media marketing efforts? Most business owners do not have the time to allocate to this effort. Program graduates, lovingly referred to as our INsiders, work independently to seek contracts with companies of all shapes and sizes. Equipped with information that took over a decade to collect and with a team of industry experts by their side, INsiders will immerse themselves in your business and thoughtfully open the lines of communication with your ideal customer base in a trackable way.
  2. It is common knowledge that retaining the loyal customers you already have costs a fraction of what you invest in risky attempts to acquire new ones. Consistent and relevant customer engagement requires intentionality, research and great timing. A Hay There Social Media INsider has the capacity to implement your unique approach to continuing the conversation with your customers. You can then allocate your time to other areas of opportunity knowing that a Hay There INsider will not only be there to work on your account everyday, but they will regularly provide insight on your engagement and growth.
  3. In 2022, Social Networking as an industry will exceed $72 BILLION in revenue. Your customers are there, but did you know that north of 90% of businesses mishandle or sweepingly ignore this behemoth? Marketing can become a black hole. Investing in social media is not only trackable, it’s affordable and a responsible use of your precious resources.

We have nothing if not the utmost respect for our fellow SUBTA members. We recognize the strength and talent it takes to run a business in the face of every new type of adversity that comes our way. The reality is in most cases, social media marketing does not see the top of the priority list. We are happy to help you eliminate this from your lengthy to do list!

But don’t just take our word for it- read experiences from our cherished client base.

SUBTA members, members of the Hay There Team like Leah Kwapis are pleased to already be connecting with you.

We look forward to learning more about your areas of opportunity and pain points and sharing our expertise.

Stay tuned — we will be sharing our posts for SUBTA soon!

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