The Supportive Community Is Our Secret Ingredient

As soon as you begin your social media marketing training—INsider core training—you will be a part of the Hay There community of work-from-home moms working as a social media manager on your own terms.

This support system, known as the INsiders program, is key to the Hay There Difference.

Why the Name “INsiders?”

So often women feel like professional outsiders. The rigid work environments of yesteryear were not originally built to accomodate for the multiple hats we wear, and women are penalized in one way or another for it. Maybe traditional 9-5s don’t work for your life or perhaps attempts at other flexible jobs don’t use your unique skills. If you feel like work life balance is broken and these prepackaged work options don’t allow you to add your own unique skills and work how you want to, then YOU are an INsider.

Hay There INsiders are work+life integrators; we are innovative, insightful, inspired and interconnected.

As work from home women, we embrace the new recipe for Work+Life Integration.

Meet Women Like You

While there are endless intangible benefits that come from the INsider program, there are measurable milestones being reached regularly as a result of being a part of our community.

Here are a few achievements to share:

  • INsiders have established paying clients before they completed core training
  • INsiders have obtained additional business within current client accounts
  • INsiders receive referral business from their own clients
  • INsiders have teamed up to work together on projects based on the client’s needs
  • INsiders have captured real world experience at an elevated level by being associated with the Hay There brand
  • INsiders’ clients include global brands, leading podcasts in various categories, medical professionals, startups and more
  • INsiders have referred business to one another
  • INsider have leveraged their own social media experience into new revenue opportunities
  • An INsider was invited to be a guest speaker at a client conference. Not only did she attend her client’s retreat in Austin, she led a social media workshop
What Graduates of the Program Have to Say

Here's What You Get with Hay There Social Media's INsider Program

Find the classes that fit your needs, phases of your business, goals and schedule.

Classes on-demand/recordings library

  • Find the classes that fit your needs, phases of your business, goals and schedule
  • Professional development with guest speakers to support your growth as a business owner
  • Core training deep dives with Hay There INstructors (this is perpetual skill sharpening)
  • Ongoing access to updated written class material (content that evolves with you)

Business Building

  • Discounts on essential tools you will need: exclusive cost saving deals only available to INsiders
  • Client leads/access to our job board
  • Templates we use everyday to run your own business
  • Partnerships with key Associations
  • Marketing opportunities: your professional profile will be available on our INsider page*
*Must complete all aspects of program to be eligible


  • A community of fellow INsiders - women working from home on their professional journey as a social media manager to help one another
  • Ongoing support & mentorship- ability to chat with our team to have your personal questions answered and needs addressed
  • Open invitation to join a live core training as a refresher anytime
Join the INsiders Program for $99/month!

The INsiders Membership is only offered to women who complete our core training; ongoing support is our secret ingredient!

Learn more about joining the INsiders Program today by getting in touch with us!