What are Hay There INsiders

When you become a part of the Hay There Social Media community, you become a part of a national community of freelance professionals, primarily with a specialty as a social media manager.  These are professionals working on their terms, learning, collaborating and expanding their potential into opportunities they didn’t know existed.  Many of them have completed our Core Training but it’s not a requirement.  We call our community members “INsiders.”

At Hay There Social Media, we are proud to deliver to our customers what we call the “3 Cs”:

  • Community – our INsiders (Free, Pro, Certified)
  • Credibility – via our Core Training and Core Training Lite products
  • Connection – we connect INsiders that are Certified to prospective clients opportunities

This rich community is made up of Hay There leadership team members, graduates of our training program, current students of our program, as well as those just getting familiar with this line of work.

What are INstructors

Through our Core Training and Core Training Lite products, we are proud to deliver a proven curriculum and provide the online support necessary to help women reach their goals of being a freelance social media manager and achieving what we call the “3 Fs”: Fulfillment, Flexibility and Financial Independence.  In Core Training, our customers learn live from experts from the Hay There leadership team; these women are our “INstructors”.

As part of the INsiders membership, women are able to attend monthly professional development sessions to keep their skills sharp.  We’ve been doing what we do successfully for long enough that graduates of our program have become INstructors to our community.  These women have delivered rich content to our community that contribute to the sustained success of our community members.  Hay There INstructors have taught on a variety of topics from social media software, graphic design tools to best practices for social video to branding direction and even mindfulness practices essential to one’s freelance success.

Meet INstructors

Get to know a bit about the INstructors that lead and contribute to the Hay There INsiders community through everything from Core Training sessions, monthly professional development sessions and our supportive online community.

Experience the magic of our community from INstructors that have completed our Core Training firsthand and now share their real-world learnings with women like them.

Emily A. Hay | INstructor covering: Core Training modules, TikTok intensives, social media strategy and social media presentation skills
Ali Spitzer | INstructor covering: Core Training modules, operations and business development
Kelli Robinson | INstructor covering: Core Training modules, prospecting, lead gen, video strategy and branding
Kimberly Hermann | INstructor covering: adobe illustrator and premiere pro for social media managers; expertise in online back-office tools and workflow implementation for social media managers; podcast production work for social media managers
Yvelette Stines | INstructor covering: mindfulness, storytelling, and finding your inner voice
Nicole Kucab | INstructor covering: social media publishing and metrics software; proposal and workflow tools for social media managers

Become an INsider

We are proud to offer access to the Hay There INsiders community starting with INsiders FREE.  Are you looking to join the INsiders PRO, but can’t always make it to a live Zoom to learn from INstructors?  We’ve got you covered.  INsiders at the Pro and Certified level are able to access the library of monthly professional development recordings for $49/month and $99/month respectively.   Learn more about the tiered options today or schedule a call.


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