Is it appropriate for a medical practice to be on social media? Our team here at Hay There Social Media says YES!

Social sites are frequently searched when a potential patient is looking for a new medical practice. In fact, 74% of Internet users engage on social media, and 80% of those users are specifically looking for health information. Additionally, nearly half of those users are searching for information about a specific doctor or professional. (source)

While Google is a great place to start, many patients dig even deeper by monitoring reviews, looking at relevant blog posts and checking out social content.

When used on a consistent basis, social media can be a great tool to teach the facts, allow patients to get to know your practice on a more personal level, and even a spot to highlight considerations that may inspire conversation for a future appointment.

Questions to consider before jumping on the bandwagon

What is the target market for your patient base? Who are your patients and how far do they travel to get to you? Is your practice the only one of its kind in town or are there other choices? To remain viable, your practice must not only retain current patients, but draw in new ones, too.

A solid social strategy is an obvious must, but creating compelling content every day? That can be a major challenge for over-scheduled professionals. Often times, the doctors we work with simply do not have time to devote to social media content creation. That’s where we come in!

But what kind of content could we share?

We pride ourselves on sharing a mix of content that is educational, promotional and social in nature for our medical-related clients. This mix allows for patients to nod their head in agreement, have a laugh, or learn something new.

Our team of socially-savvy writers have the expertise to create engaging content — whether it’s through Facebook posts, Instagram photos, written blog posts, or more. Our team is happy to post daily, weekly, or monthly, based on your needs.

Additionally, we are there should a patient leave feedback following an appointment. Part of our process includes us closely coordinating with your team to ensure each and every social media post is handled in an efficient manner.

We are careful to understand privacy issues and HIPAA regulations, and are able to confidently navigate our clients through controversial posts or negative messages, should they occur.

Hay There in action

We are proud of the work we have done for a variety of clients in the medical field, from a medical supply company and multi-practice dental office, to a metro Detroit gynecologist and midwife group.

Our process is simple: We scour the Internet in search of information to share, while keeping up with social trends, trusted medical sites and governing bodies. By sharing information from the latest news tidbits, to the most recent journal research, we have had great success building our niche of expertise and trust with current and potential patients.

Some of our best content is sharable memes and images our staff creates. We love sharing “office life” photos, and real-life scenarios, which help our doctors connect with patients on a more personal level. When patients respond positively, or share the piece of content, it’s more exposure for the practice. It’s truly a win-win.

 Working with Hay There

The medical industry has undergone so many changes in recent years, and we can no longer operate on the premise that new patients will simply show up. Patients are researching more than ever, and looking for medical practitioners who are proactive both online and in their community. Solid social media content can absolutely help get you noticed.

Curious about how to get more out of social content? We’d be delighted to talk with your practice. Contact us today!

Emily A. Hay

Founder & Instructor at Social Media Manager Training Courses
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