Deal-a-Day sites are quite addicting for some women (and we think probably a few men, too!). And when you see friends and family sharing their top deals and scores online via social media, it can be tempting to find – and post – a few of your own.

Sites like Zulily and Mamabargains even have buttons on their Web sites so you can post directly to social media after you purchase. (Think “social commerce!”) And, many sites let you score freebies and discounts if you share with friends who then buy something.

That’s why we are proud to share that Hay There Social Media client, Dr. Larry Brown – a Michigan podiatrist and creator of MaternaSole – recently had his product featured on deal-a-day giant Zulily.  Dr. Larry Brown’s product is an innovative orthopedic insert aimed at reducing back pain for pregnant women. This product hit home for our team – not just because we are all moms – but also because we make and benefit from word-of-mouth recommendations of products and services every day via our social media connections.

Establishing an online presence that builds awareness is an example of how a small business can seize an opportunity to grow and hit it big through social media. Word spreads quickly about a niche product when groups of smartphone-wielding moms-to-be start raving about products like MaternaSole.

Being on social media can also establish a brand’s dominance and credibility, because fans can like, share and tag the company – further spreading the word and introducing the product to potential new customers.

And generally, the cost of such a campaign is quite low, with a dedicated social media strategy and the right regular activity.

Once a small company is established on social media, it can draw the attention of larger retailers or vendors – like Zulily – who are willing to sell or feature the product or service. Thank you, Dr. Brown, for creating MaternaSole.  If you are a mom-to-be or know someone who is, check out MaternaSole on Dr. Brown’s Web site or visit his practice in Southeast Michigan.

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