The Introduction

As Target Fireworks lit up the Detroit skyline on June 25, 2012, Twitter lit up with hundreds of people enjoying the show and sharing the excitement in a social, interactive way. Members of the TweetTeam™, Hay There Social Media’s Social Media Managers, blazed the trail for this first-of-its-kind, buzz-worthy event.

Hired by WDIV-Local 4, Detroit’s NBC affiliate station, the TweetTeam™ laid the ground work for a super social fireworks evening. Leading up to the show, the team members used social media to drum up excitement, pass along vital information and promote the station’s hash tag, #local4summer, by Tweeting with a strategic range of topics.

Hay There’s TweetTeam™ members were also tasked to reach a specific demographic: As a group of social media-savvy women, it’s a natural fit to engage other women.

The Opportunity

The TweetTeam ™ is an authentic, viral way of reaching your target audience. We can connect your brand with the people YOU want to reach the most. How do we do that? It’s simple. Our team members, Tweeting as themselves, talk to other influencers, which in turn creates a powerful group of ambassadors and champions of YOUR brand.

The TweetTeam™ members have thousands of dedicated and active Twitter followers; a result of their own hard work and authenticity. Tweet Team™ members are selected based on project goals as a way of ensuring the best fit for all parties. For this project, the team focused on a variety of objectives. Discussion took place around the station’s annual Vote 4 The Best contest, which kicked off the night of the fireworks show and the TweetTeam™ was able to raise the station’s social media profile by increasing awareness of their overall social media connectedness.

The Tweet Team™’s efforts were also featured in two local newspapers: The Oakland Press and the News-Herald!

Getting Results

Starting in advance of the event, the team members used their social media influence and power to spread the word about the fireworks and Vote 4 The Best by Tweeting curated and thoughtful tidbits of information, such as the evening’s performances and special guests, favorite fireworks memories and best places to sit, eat and enjoy the show. The team was also featured in segments on Local 4 during the show and the morning after!

The TweetTeam™ had “boots on the ground” at the fireworks, with members on-site and at home – all working to capture the flavor of the night, get people involved in the happenings and interact with others using social media to experience the show – all in real time.

On the night of the show, the team was able to link the organic hash tag of the night, #detroitfireworks, to #local4summer – and both were trending locally! The team’s efforts were stellar: According to a TweetReach report, the station’s hash tags reached more than 1 million unique Twitter accounts and obtained more than 4.5 million impressions.

Why is this important? Because there is NOTHING like a team of experts being at your event live and in person, streaming details directly to your target audience – helping to bring both the online and offline worlds together. When Tweet Team™ members are at your event, they are better able to engage with your audience because they can see, hear, smell and even taste the flavor of your event or gathering.  That means more measurable bang for your company’s marketing buck.

Say “Hay There” to YOUR target audience with a Tweet Team™!

The power of social media, specifically building buzz virally on Twitter before, during and after an event or topic, leads to enhanced branding and awareness, better public relations and access, a stronger and larger social media community and insight into who your audience is and what they care about.

Marketing studies have confirmed that word-of-mouth referrals and crowdsourcing are the best ways to get someone to try your product or seek out your services. And what’s an even better way? Getting that referral or recommendation from someone your customer knows, trusts or respects – otherwise known as an “influencer.”

The TweetTeam™ – all influencers with active, loyal followers on Twitter, did that for Local 4; they can do the same for you. Imagine having a team of online influencers – members of YOUR target market, who know your audience and can target other influencers to promote your brand – Tweeting about your products or services. Our TweetTeam ™ members can do that – and more. The team members can reach out into the social media community, activate other influencers and build buzz.

Contact Emily A. Hay at Hay There Social Media to talk about hiring the TweetTeam™ for YOUR product launch, big event or to propel your marketing campaign even further on an as-needed basis.

Emily A. Hay

Founder & Instructor at Social Media Manager Training Courses
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