Hay There! Do you tweet for your small business?  Do you have a Facebook page?  Whatever social network you participate in on behalf of your business, it’s important to consider each post is a direct reflection of YOUR business and brand.  Paying attention to the details and managing these powerful communication channels carefully is a must.  Here’s an example of our own!


One of our small business social media clients recently experienced the priceless value of having someone accountable for listening via the Twitter-sphere as the ears of their account.  A less-than-desirable tweet passed through their Twitter stream and the client was concerned about the integrity of the account that had disseminated it.  We had a productive discussion with the client to address this concern and we also took the time to explain some important twitter functionality.  This allowed the business to appreciate that it was not their account that had tweeted the message.

While we can’t control what others tweet, it can still be a reflection on our business if we follow them.  The most important lesson to learn from this is it is imperative to listen to the content being shared on your networks.  As a small business owner, get to know your fans and followers.  Visit their blogs.  Read stories they post. Check out the photos of what they made for lunch. And comment when appropriate.

Social media is a powerful tool – but only if you listen carefully and engage with the audience you are targeting.

If you need assistance learning about your audience, listening to what they have to say and engaging, contact Hay There Social Media today. We’d be happy to be your eyes and ears!

Contributed by Hay There Social Media Team Member, Lauren Weber


Emily A. Hay

Founder & Instructor at Social Media Manager Training Courses
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