You’ve had a LinkedIn personal profile for years. But are you scratching your head about what a Company page would be used for? If you are wondering whether or not to have a page for your business here are 3 reasons why it can be beneficial:

1. More Awareness

The more your business is out there in the world, the more opportunities there are for your target audience to see you.

Perhaps you’re a franchise. Being on LinkedIn can help make a connection between your business and someone who is considering investing in a franchise because they saw your posts and information. Having it all on a “professional-minded” social media platform means your audience is already in that frame of mind when they see your posts, planting a seed that has a chance to bloom.

Perhaps you make educational products for teachers and parents.  There are “niche” discussions happening on LinkedIn everyday about homeschool learning, tools that teach logic reasoning and more.  Let your business showcase its expertise in the industry through sharing articles for educators via its LinkedIn Company page.


  • Remember to include hashtags in your Company page posts for extra exposure.
  • You can comment on trending posts relevant to your industry keywords AS your Company page.
  • It’s a best practice to mention other entities or people in your posts to expand the reach.

2. Lead Generator

Let’s say you’re a restaurant…what could LinkedIn possibly offer? Perhaps a chance to be presented to professionals who are looking for banquet space to have a work conference or celebration, or a bride-to-be looking for a shower venue or small rehearsal dinner space (or catering, etc.) – the opportunities are there and limited only by you NOT being on LinkedIn.

You never know who’s looking for what you’re offering, so put yourself out there!

PRO TIP: Remember that individual personal profiles can share posts from the Company page for extra exposure.

3. Connection

Isn’t that what social media is all about? Connection. You have trusted connections in your network, and you are more likely to listen to what they have to say — so when they’re talking up a certain business or product, it can resonate on a different level than what your friends and family share for fun on Facebook. Your business can benefit from that connection, too.

For instance, let’s say you’re a doctor’s office with a number of partners. Having a Company page for the practice on LinkedIn could lend a more professional vibe to your practice and you can connect with other like-minded professionals and be part of the community. Besides, your personal LinkedIn profile should have a polished Company page connected to your title in the “Work Experience” section. (No one wants the generic gray box to represent their business).

If you’re stuck, let us know. There’s a lot to consider but even more to put into action. If you need help with making the most of your business’ social media presence, we can help you put your best digital foot forward!

Deanna Rose

Author at Social Media Manager Training Courses
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