We all know “WTH” and we even know “WTF” 👀 

But do you know what “WTS” is? 🤔

If you don’t, no worries!  You haven’t missed the latest pop culture memo or text acronym.  

“WTS” stands for “Words To Say.”  

Effective Words to Say for Overcoming Client Obstacles

At Hay There Social Media, we refer to “WTS” a lot.  

We can’t take credit for it as we originally learned about “WTS” from Kelli Robinson, a Hay There INsider (a graduate of our Core Training program) and a mentee in our community of other women in social media management.  

WTS addresses that phenomenon of when you know what you need to do and what you want to accomplish, but you are at a loss for the actual “words to say” to convey your message and meet your objective.  

Moments where you are desperately grasping for the WTS can happen when you are ready to send an important email, write an in-depth proposal or maybe even set up a time for an important conversation with a current client.  We can even struggle for the WTS when we are tasked with promoting ourselves (a skill women are conditioned to shy away from).  Nothing can suck our confidence out from under us than not knowing the WTS.

Usually, the best solution for those moments is to be able to ask a friend for help.  

And that’s ONE of the priceless aspects of Hay There Social Media.  We as a community share WTS with one another to help in a variety of scenarios.  

We are a community of women in all stages of their social media manager journey and we all just need a little advice from someone who has been there; someone who understands what you are trying to accomplish and can just share the darn WTS to help you get the thing you want done DONE!

So here are a few priceless WTS shared in our trainings and in our community:

Scenario 1: Just starting your new business?  Feel awkward explaining your new upskills?  

Try these WTS for your LinkedIn profile:

I have successfully completed the 6-week social media training developed and led by Hay There Social Media, an industry leader in the social media marketing space since 2010.   I hold an NFT as proof of completion.

The areas I have trained in include:

– Social media content strategy

– Social media content creation

– Social media content distribution

– Social media paid advertising

– Community management

– Social media customer service & online reviews

– Influencer campaigns

– Social network training

– Social media metrics reporting 

– Portfolio creation

– Web3

I currently have availability for projects and can be contacted at INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS or INSERT PHONE to discuss your needs.  


Scenario 2: Know that you need to reach out to a prospect but are just fumbling with how to explain what you can do for them?  

Try these WTS:

Hi ____,

Congrats on all you are doing at INSERT NAME OF BUSINESS!

I am a social media professional that works with a team of experts in the social media marketing industry.  We’ve talked to businesses that need help with Instagram Reels and I wondered if you’d like help with this, too?

I’d love to share some ideas I have.  Would you be open to a brief intro call?  How is ______?  

Thanks much!


Scenario 3: Are you in a difficult situation where you need to assert your approach professionally?

Try these WTS:

Hi _____,

As your social media manager, I have your business’ best interest at heart. It’s awesome that you are not only selling your products but also want to build a community of your customers.  

In order to do my best work, I have dedicated time to each aspect in the scope of work. If I am spending too much time on one thing such as multiple rounds of edits on content, then I am unable to focus on other areas like community management.  Shall we regroup on the areas you have feedback?  This will allow me to focus on driving the best social media results for your business.  

Thank you!


Scenario 4:  What about a time when you first email the proposal to a prospect and they present some sort of objection BEFORE you even get a chance to speak on the phone?  

Try these WTS:

Hi ______,

Thanks again for the opportunity to prepare the initial proposal.  I appreciate the feedback about where you’d like your budget to be.  As I mentioned, I certainly can “right size” as I think your business would be an amazing one to work with.

I would love a chance to briefly speak with you to review our updated plan for your business.  

Are you available on ____ at ____?  At that time, the agenda for our conversation would be:

– get reacquainted

– review the updated scope of work and pricing

– determine best next steps to activate 

Thank you for your time — we value it and I’m hopeful to serve your business.

How confident would you feel in those scenarios with those WTS?!?!!  🙌💪🤯

At Hay There, we THRIVE on creating confidence for women like you through our proven upskilling program and our supportive community.  Women count on us to help them find the WTS to reach and exceed their entrepreneurial goals and social media manager objectives everyday.

And now you can count on us to help figure out your WTS FOR FREE.  

Simply come to our next coffee chat, held 2x a month, open to all women in our Hay There INsider community from FREE to Pro to Certified levels, and ask us live about any WTS you may need (remember, not all WTS are to address challenges; they often help us level up!).  

You can access our Coffee Chat by joining our INsider community of social media managers (from level “aspiring” to experienced) at the FREE level.

We will help you workshop out the WTS for whatever scenario you are in – learn from us and with us.

Be sure to save this blog so you can refer back to it and share with a colleague who may be struggling to find the Words to Say. 


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