Do you consider yourself a connector? A problem solver, or a storyteller? Are you wondering how these qualities can translate into a skill set that you can leverage professionally?

If so, you’re in the right place!

Today we are sharing insight on a core function of a Social Media Manager (SMM): a window into the actual online reputation management and customer service work Hay There trains women to do for businesses. 

The qualities you already possess are the perfect prerequisites to elevate a potential client’s social media reputation. 


To get a better idea of what we mean by managing a business’ “online reputation”, here are some key activities that we teach women to handle on behalf of organizations:

1. SMMs assess a Client’s Social Media Landscape.

Ever look up a restaurant and see nothing but bad reviews that deter you from visiting? You are not alone! 90% of Americans read reviews before making a purchase decision (Nielsen). Whether the location realizes it or not, they are losing significant business by failing to manage their customer reviews. They are probably in need of a social media manager to not only work on responding to the reviews, but also proactively build more positive peer review feedback to create more balance.

SMMs dive deep into their client’s online presence, analyze comments, and explore social networks to understand the existing sentiment surrounding their brand. This initial step lays the groundwork for targeted improvement strategies tailored to a client’s unique needs.


2. Craft a Robust Review Response Strategy

Did you know that a whopping 75% of businesses do not respond to their reviews? Businesses with a SMM strategy that includes ongoing review responses on average make 35% more money! (GatherUp

Activating this strategy also allows the SMM to track any trends, positive or negative, so the business can take action. 

Having a structured approach in place is essential. This type of ongoing customer service showcases your ability to navigate challenging situations and demonstrate your commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction by:

  • Acting Swiftly: addressing issues proactively and efficiently
  • Staying Vigilant: monitor feedback across all relevant social media channels


3. Effective SMMs don’t stop with a review response. They leverage positive reviews as Social Proof. 

Okay… but what is “Social Proof”?

It’s actually a fascinating psychological phenomenon that essentially creates FOMO: since others are doing it, I should be doing it, too.

SMMs turn positive reviews into compelling social media content! Highlighting glowing testimonials from satisfied customers across other social media platforms, websites and in email campaigns showcases a client’s credibility and builds trust with potential customers. 

Resourceful SMMs see the value in spending time transforming positive feedback into engaging social media posts, website features, and blog content can significantly enhance your client’s online reputation.

Ready to embark on your journey as a social media manager and make a tangible impact on businesses’ online reputations? 

Let us equip you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed in this thriving field! Now more than ever, companies big and small need an alternative to surfing oceans of self-proclaimed social media “experts” to find a credible candidate to manage this critical brand element. 

Learn more if you are ready to kickstart your social media management journey.

Remember, investing in your professional development as a social media manager is a low risk, sound decision. Together, we can drive meaningful results for businesses… and it can actually be fun, too!

Alison Spitzer

Administrator at Social Media Manager Training Courses
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