A Month of Hay There Social Media INsider Highlights: What our community of moms are doing NOW to ensure their freelance success while elevating each other.

As humans, we are wired to imagine “what could be” as our minds wander away from a less than satisfying current reality. Right now at Hay There, we are celebrating “what IS” within our community of freelancers (the women who enroll and complete our social media training program known as “INsiders”).

The achievements read like a highlight reel of wins big and small, and collectively, they add up to proof that through a combination of training, ongoing professional development, and freelance community support, anyone, anywhere at any time can merge in and experience freelance success.

INsider Highlights
Emily A. Hay (Detroit), Amanda Lynch (Chicago), Ali Spitzer (Cleveland) attend a Together Digital conference in Cincinnati

In the last 30 days alone, Hay There Social Media INsiders have:

Collaborated for “Real World” Learning

  • Shadowed each other on discovery calls.
  • Led discovery calls for brand new social media opportunities.
  • Learned from Hay There projects, AND FROM EACH OTHER’S client projects in real time.

Experienced Major Progress in Training and Upskilling

  • Started robust portfolio projects
  • Started doing social media management work BEFORE completing training

Achieved Success Milestones in Project Opportunities by:

  • Closing new clients
  • Issuing new proposals
  • Collaborating on project proposals
  • Taking a first discovery call that had FIVE project opportunities on one call
  • Being offered opportunities to run social media for national organizations, local organizations
  • Including meaningful projects that touch special needs learning, education initiatives and architecture projects
  • Fielding prospect traffic from our website
  • Working as a team on virtual workshops with experts in other areas of marketing, and PR to reach specific industries

Contributed to Each Other’s Freelance Success Through:

  • Sharing best practices at our Team Huddle
  • Attending conferences in 3 states – some hosted by organizations that have HIRED Hay There INsiders
  • Networking with new organizations and people at conferences opening up MORE opportunity for Hay There INsiders

Attained Important Work Victories by:

  • Contributing on podcasts of their own clients
  • Meeting each other in person

At Hay There, We Have So Much to Celebrate!

The journey is the most important part of life, right? So we are taking a moment of pause to examine how far we have come. The vast array of wins we celebrate in this post are windows into the core of Hay There’s mission: to change women’s lives for the better by offering the skillset and community they need to achieve work life integration using social media management as a vehicle.

Now, we are taking our proven approach to organizations with aligned missions.

Hay There as an organization is also celebrating a big win…We are partnering with We Are Rosie on a first-of-its-kind collaboration project to train their “Rosies”, a community of freelancers, to have social media as a specialty!

As a whole, our growth is exponential and compounding. Instead of wondering what we are up to, we wanted to illustrate our momentum with recent and real examples. Do not wonder anymore, come join our thriving community today!

Alison Spitzer

Administrator at Social Media Manager Training Courses
Alison Spitzer has contributed 8 articles on https://haytheresocialmedia.com since January 29, 2022.

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