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INsiders Membership:
Your Secret Ingredient to Thrive as a Social Media Manager

We are a company that empowers social media managers to thrive. From aspiring to established, Hay There gives social media managers free Community; Credibility through upskilling and courses; and Connection to paid work. The INsiders community is appropriate for anyone whose current, future, or aspirational work touches the functions and focus of a social media manager.

If you have a desire for meaningful peer connection that will enhance your professional experience in many ways, whether you are freelance or employed by a business, we'll help you reach your goals. Women around the country tell us everyday that this support system is key to their success and YOU are just one click away from experiencing the same.

The number of benefits our community offers will vary based on membership level, but everyone can find increased networking opportunities, a new confidence and valuable real time conversations to help you grow to your full potential! As they say, “Want to go fast? Go alone. Want to go far? Go together.”

What Members of the INsiders Community Have to Say

INsiders Membership FAQs

What’s included with the INsiders FREE Membership?

If you choose the INsiders FREE membership option, you will have immediate inclusion in our online community; the opportunity to attend a variety of networking opportunities; as well as Hay There exclusive discounts on essential products.  You can think of INsiders FREE as our INsiders Lounge where you can bounce things off our team and others working in the space everyday.  Members are not required to have a payment method on file to access our community.

What’s included with the INsiders Pro Membership?

The INsiders Pro membership option delivers an immersive and supportive community experience. The primary benefits at this level include access to our full discussion forum chocked full of years of wisdom and real-time insight; our team via live monthly Q&A sessions, continued learning opportunities on Zoom curated by our leadership team and deep network of subject experts, as well as via a library of recorded resources for your consumption.  Think of INsiders Pro as our Netflix; binge all you want and upskill yo’self!

INsiders Pro pays for itself by expediting your growth. You’ll be able to troubleshoot, build skills and collaborate with an invaluable network of virtual colleagues.

Why is INsiders Certified only available to Core Training & Core Training Lite Customers?

Our highest level of community membership, INsiders Certified, is for Members that have successfully completed our online exam. INsider Certified members are eligible to access our coveted job board that contains client leads and project opportunities, a privilege that comes with the completion of our signature Core Training, or Core Training Lite.

In many cases, potential clients know Hay There by reputation, and our team has 100% confidence in the INsider Certified members to deliver the extra mile experience we practice and teach. Additionally, INsider Certified members have continued access to our on-demand library and curriculum as listed in INsiders Pro. To learn more about ways to become an INsider Certified member, please explore our course offerings.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Hay There INsiders Membership?

Yes! Once you are a member in our community at any level, simply access the member billing portal to upgrade or downgrade.

Why the Name “INsiders?”

  • So often women feel like professional outsiders. The rigid work environments of yesteryear were not originally built to accommodate for the multiple hats we wear, and women are penalized in one way or another for it. Maybe traditional 9-5s don’t work for your life, or perhaps attempts at other flexible jobs don’t use your unique skills. If you feel like work life balance is broken and these prepackaged work options don’t allow you to add your own unique skills and work how you want to, then YOU are an INsider.
  • Hay There INsiders are work+life integrators; we are innovative, insightful, inspired and interconnected.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our Member Support Team by clicking here.

Meet Women Like You

There are measurable results being reached regularly as a result of being a part of our INsiders community.

Outcomes and wins include:

  • INsiders have closed paying clients before completing Core Training
  • INsiders have grown scopes of work within current client accounts
  • INsiders regularly receive referral business from their own clients
  • INsiders have teamed up to work together on projects based on the client’s needs
  • INsiders have gained real world experience and earned at elevated levels by being associated with the Hay There brand
  • INsiders’ clients include global brands, leading podcasts in various categories, medical professionals, non-profits, startups and more
  • INsiders have referred business to one another
  • INsider have opened new revenue opportunities by leveraging ideas shared in our community
  • An INsider is an annual guest speaker at her client's conference, resulting in more client leads.