If you are seeking an outsourced social media manager, congrats! You’ve found the perfect partner. Outsource on a project basis and hire from Hay There’s expertly trained community of social media freelancers—“INsiders” as we call them.

How It Works

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You let us know what you are looking for help with via our form or by scheduling a call.

From there, we get to work sharing your needs with our INsiders as we source the best candidate or candidates for your consideration.

An INsider will often schedule an initial discovery call with you, prepare a social media proposal for your review and review the details so you can move forward with the scope of work.

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If a business signs a contract with a Hay There INsider, there is a one-time flat fee of $250 due to Hay There Social Media.

All of your agreements, fees and payments are between you and the INsider you contract with. Hay There Social Media does not charge you after the one-time initial referral fee as you are contracted with an independent contractor, not with Hay There Social Media. We also charge INsiders a one-time referral fee on prospective projects if the project successfully closes.

While your contract is not with Hay There Social Media, an ongoing benefit is that your social media manager is an active part of our INsider Community. INsider members have access to our expert support team and each other all month long in addition to monthly sessions for ongoing professional development and skill sharpening. We believe in the power of an expert community of social media professionals; we do not believe in filling the world with lonely freelancers.

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