Wouldn't it be amazing...

...if you could have a professional, trained, completely dedicated social media manager working with YOUR business flexibly and affordably?

Someone who is a social media EXPERT—doing this work day in and day out—who can help your business design a strategy, write and post custom content, manage your online community and provide metrics to track what it’s doing for you?

We think so, too.

And that's why we designed our business model to do just that.

When you work with a Hay There team member it will feel like an extension of your current in-house team. Our work and our relationships with clients are deeply personal. Because that's how we would want our business treated.

Social media is our passion and our outlet for helping our clients shine. We create content: Writing, posting, community management and networking.

How can we help you?

We're a Business

Looking to connect with a team of talented social media experts.

I'm a Mom

Looking for an empowering opportunity to work professionally on my own terms.