Hay There Core Training Lite

Our Core Training program is proven that our students gain the confidence and credibility they need to become successful social media managers. Now, Hay There also offers the Core Training "Lite", a self-paced program which delivers this proven education in a box to your door.

For those looking for more flexibility, this provides another easy way to get moving forward in your new social media career. By signing up, not only can you become a successful social media manager, you can also join our supportive community! This community provides you with more resources, connection, and mentorship with social media professionals of all kinds, as you learn and launch your own projects.

Invest now in your future, for only the price of a Costso-run!

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Hay There Core Training Lite

Who It's For

Core Training Lite is for YOU if...

  • You are ready to start something of your own
  • You’ve considered a side hustle but don’t have a marketable skill
  • You want to go freelance but have no idea how it works
  • You are ready to upgrade your resume by adding a license & certification or closing a gap
  • You’ve done social media for a while but need a refreshed perspective on pricing, services, client management approach, operations and other opportunities in the space
  • You are currently employed and want to diversify your income streams and opportunities
  • Want to gain credibility and confidence

Price: $397
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Connect the dots with confidence from where you’ve been to where you’re going!

What's Included

It’s flexible work delivered!

  • A robust course manual
    Essential course curriculum that will teach you the information you need to thrive as a freelance social media manager.

    View the Core Training Lite Table of Contents

  • Live orientation
    You will have access to the Hay There leadership team in this online meeting. Kick off your self-paced learning journey with connection, support and our best practices for your success.
  • Access to our online INsiders community to ask questions along the way
    By purchasing Core Training Lite, you immediately access our exclusive interactive Hay There INsiders Pro membership to have live support along your way. ($49/month – first month FREE with purchase of Core Training Lite)
  • Proof of Completion NFT Certification
    Upon completion of a final online evaluation, you'll receive steps to claim your Proof of Completion NFT, a digital-native certificate that is verifiable and unique to you. Proudly display the Hay There Certified logo across your social media platforms, a significant asset for showcasing your credibility.

Price: $397
Get 20% OFF and FREE shipping
with promo code FLEXIBLEWORK

Hay There Core Training Lite

Hay There Offerings Comparison Chart

Hay There Core Training

Our signature Core Training covers 14 modules over 6 weeks through a combination of live online curriculum, dynamic templates including proposals and marketing material, interactive instruction and on-demand training recordings. Curriculum focuses on skills one needs to be successful as a freelance professional as well as in-depth content to advance and specialize as a professional social media manager. It’s full access.

Hay There Core Training Lite

In Core Training Lite, the course material includes essential concepts from our proven curriculum delivered to you in a physical manual. Through Core Training Lite, you will obtain the information needed to jumpstart your professional path as a social media manager. It’s the perfect entry-level access.

Core Training Core Training Lite
Hay There Box Delivery
Live Orientation
Signature Manual
14 Live Training Sessions
Complete Online Curriculum Portal
Slack Community 24/7
Monthly Professional Development
Monthly Community Huddle
On-Demand Training Video Library
Final Certification Test
Proof of Completion NFT
Hay There Client Leads*
Hay There Affiliate Program
INsiders Support Membership
3 mos. included

1 mo. included

*Upon proof of course completion and/or active INsider Community Membership

Additional benefits of
Hay There Core Training Lite

  • Work at your own pace
    Whether that means completing the course entirely in a few days, or spreading it out over a few months, Hay There Core Training Lite will provide you with the tools you need to achieve the success and lifestyle you want- on your terms, and on your schedule!
  • Benefit from an introductory rate
    A lower upfront investment in an incredibly versatile skillset.
  • Drastically reduce your learning curve
    Skip lengthy and expensive missteps by partnering with pros and having access to inside information.
  • Work FOR yourself, not BY yourself
    While freelance is a mainstream way to work, the path can be tricky to navigate alone.
  • Build upon your investment
    Hay There Social Media offers customers of Core Training Lite to apply their upfront investment to Hay There’s signature Core Training at any time!

Price: $397
Get 20% OFF and FREE shipping
with promo code FLEXIBLEWORK


Hay There Social Media has successfully empowered individuals to be able to enhance their freelance work and be able to build their own flexible business. How do we know our training works? Hear from a few of those we’ve worked with:

"The training not only taught me the skills I needed to update my resume but it allowed me the ability to get my own clients for my new social media business while juggling my PR freelancing gig."
—Leyla B., Brooklyn, NY

"Emily and her team at Hay There Social Media are amazing! The course offered is comprehensive and it gave me the tools and confidence to work for myself. Work-life integration is possible!"
—Marvelle A., Tampa, FL

"The Hay There INsiders training has been a really supportive learning experience for me. I’m finding new opportunities and avenues for income streams. The training really sparked an interest in me. My new income allows me financial flexibility to do some of the bigger things I want to do with my children."
—Kelli Robinson, Detroit, MI

Price: $397
Get 20% OFF and FREE shipping
with promo code FLEXIBLEWORK